“Happy To Be Home…In Our Crazy Monster House” by Richard F. Yates

We got home from Mariah’s optical seminar late yesterday evening. She earned a bunch of “continuing education credits” to keep her optical license current—and I got a ton of writing, reading, and drawing done. (I’ll dole out these bits over the next few days.)

The last hour or two, sitting in a fairly comfy chair, I got a bit too sleepy to read, so I tried to keep myself awake by listening to energetic music and scrawling in my notebook. I survived. And the drive home, bolstered by a quick detour to a coffee shop, was sunny and pleasant (if you ignore all the traffic from Tacoma to Olympia. After that it was smooth sailing…)

And now I’m home…and have to work in a couple hours. Hoooray…. (Sigh.)

—Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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