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 A lush, tropical paradise with perhaps the most striking
scenery anywhere in the Caribbean, St Lucia is the ideal destination for travelers
who want to experience both a typical Caribbean holiday and something that’s a
little more out of the ordinary.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a week or two to spend
in this delightful destination, or are on a shore trip from one of the many
cruise liners that dock in its capital Castries, you are spoiled for choice
with some marvelous tours and excursions in St Lucia to discover the true heart
of this Caribbean gem.

Adventures in paradise

Its volcanic past has left Saint Lucia with a stunning
geographic legacy – extraordinary mountain peaks, dense tropical rainforests,
healing Sulphur springs, silver sands and striking cliffs. If all you need from
a Caribbean holiday is a gorgeous beach, azure blue waters and a cocktail, then
St Lucia will fulfil your every need. If, however, you like adventures on your
vacation, once you realize all the things to do in Saint Lucia, you really will
feel you are in paradise.

And perhaps the most adventurous of all St Lucia excursions
is a hike in the Pitons. These twin volcanic plugs, Gros Piton and Petit Piton,
dominate the south-western landscape of the island, their steep slopes packed
with jungle and rainforest and dramatically looming above the aquamarine waters
of the Caribbean. As one of the finest attractions in St Lucia, the Pitons take
some beating – hike the slopes of Gros Piton through dense jungle and ancient
Amerindian ruins and when you reach the peak, get ready for unforgettable
panoramic views across the island and the Caribbean that will leave you


Zipline Across the Rainforest Canopy

For an adrenaline-fuelled St Lucia tour, reach for the sky
on an authentic St. Lucia zipline
canopy tour
. An aerial tram will whisk you to the launch point, hundreds of
feet above the ground, surrounded by the imposing treetops of the rainforest.
Take a moment here to survey your surroundings – a lush tropical landscape of
such vibrancy and colour that it will take your breath away. And when you grab
the zipline and step off into thin air, get set for the experience of a
lifetime, landing on 10 different platforms as you whiz through the sky. A St.
Lucia zipline canopy tour is the ideal way to enjoy some of the island’s best
natural attractions, flying through the air with the tropical birds that make
their home here.


The Heat Is On

When you’re looking for things to do in St Lucia, one
excursion stands out above all other because St Lucia boasts the most unique
attraction – the world’s only drive-in volcano at Soufriere. Yes, you can
indeed drive right into the crater of this active volcano. Even better are the
volcano’s Sulphur Springs, extraordinary hot mud baths packed with essential
minerals. During daytime the springs, bubbling and belching out sulphur-laden
steam, are far too hot for bathing but as night falls and the temperature of
the mineral streams drops to a more manageable temperature, you can dive in for
a healing mud bath. As Saint Lucia excursions
go, this is a must on your bucket list..


Chasing Waterfalls

Its tropical and mountainous landscape means the island is
blessed with some extraordinary locations and attractions. And one of the most
delightful tours
in St Lucia
 takes in Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, often said to be
one of St Lucia’s natural wonders. The gardens are a 6-acre site that
incorporates fertile vegetation, tropical plants and flowers, and stunning
native wildlife including birds and insects. A 45-foot waterfall is a stunning sight.
And then there are the magnificent mineral baths, built in 1784 to refresh and
rejuvenate the French troops who guarded the island for King Louis XVI. The
therapeutic waters of the baths are said to be medicinal and can relieve aches
and pains in joints and muscles. Visitors can enjoy a soak here after enjoying
the beauty of the gardens.

Into the West

The island’s capital, Castries, is a delightful location
from which to start a tour
of St Lucia’s west coast
. Cruise liners dock here for shore trips, making
Castries convenient for day visitors. The city itself is a historic one with
landmarks such as the “Massav”, a 400-year-old Samaan tree and
Government House, the seat of colonial power that overlooks the city and bay
from the summit of Morne Fortune.


Nearby is Marigot Bay, a quite magnificent bay surrounded by
lush rainforests and with white sandy beaches fringing crystal clear blue waters.
A typical Saint Lucia tour should involve a trip to a banana plantation, one of
the island’s top exports. And then you can wander through the historic fishing
villages of Canaries and Anse-La-Raye, with their brightly coloured cottages
perched on hilly, winding streets.

With so much to see and so many things to do in St Lucia,
you might find your only decision is when to return to this delightful
destination to do it all over again.

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