Ginger Hotels Set the Benchmark for all Budget Hotels in Pantnagar with Unique Arrangements

a533d07e780811e7b580025f77df004f.jpgPantnagar is a famous industrial town in Uttarakhand. It also houses one of the two domestic airports in Uttarakhand – Pantnagar Airport. This town has the first Agriculture University of India and SIDCUL built an Integrated Industrial Estate in this town. Many major international and domestic companies built industries in this city. Hence, many travelers come to this city every day for professional reasons. The Bijrani Range of Corbett National Park and Govind National Park are located close to this town. With proximity of these parks, this town has become a prime destination for a relaxing holiday.

Uniqueness of Ginger

There is no dearth of large or medium sized hotels in SIDCUL or Pantnagar. However, Ginger Pantnagar is the only hotel that offers finest quality services at pocket-friendly prices. This hotel gives you the opportunity to book a room for half day at half rate without excluding any facilities. This unique facility is available only at Ginger hotels.

Customized Arrangement

Three types of visitors mostly come to Pantnagar and Ginger Hotels have different rooms for them. The standard single rooms are ideal for single business travelers. The Standard Twin Rooms may be suitable for the students who travel together or travel with parents. These rooms are also suitable for friends on holiday tours. The standard rooms have Queen-size bed. These rooms are ideal for families holidaying in Pantnagar. Hence, every traveler coming to this town has a suitable accommodation arrangement in this hotel.

With these flexible features, Ginger Hotel has set the benchmark for all budget hotels in Pantnagar.

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