Get Wonder Travel at Perfect Destination during Vacation

Wanderings are an essential anecdote for personal growth and mental harmony. Whether you wander year long or you wander during vacations, a perfect destination can make your journey worthwhile. Pick your bag pack and we guarantee you a great vacation, a perfect amalgamation of peace and thrill, nature and adventure.

Hotel in Mukteshwar

Cottage Nirvana is a perfect refuge for people looking for peace, solace and adventure from their hustling life. Spending most of your time in scorching sun, grasping schedule, a short retreat into the world of your imagination is a must. We provide you a living experience coinciding with your imagination.

We get so busy with our lives and in the quest of accomplishment of our goal that we forget to enjoy our journey. We are so lost in our labyrinth of pursuits that we completely ignore to do the things that we love to do. We are so busy in the virtual world, spending hours indulged in social interaction on social media online that we almost forget to rejuvenate our lives with natural assets. When was the last time you rose with the sun or you spent a night watching moon appear and disappear amongst the clouds? When was the last time you listened to comic whispering of nature? Maybe the whispering are subdued by the hustle and bustle of a city life.

When the last time you picked was up that guitar in your attic or when was the last time the writer in you penned a tale? We give an experience of living your life without any compromises. You can pursue your hobbies here, singing, dancing, meditating, sightseeing, photography etc. Paint that masterpiece you always wanted to paint in here. Cottages and hotels in Mukteshwar are tranquil destination for stirring your soul into ecstasy.

Natural Ventures in Mukteshwar:

  1. Nature walks:
    Surrounded by orchards and thick coniferous trees, Mukteshwar bedazzles your mind and soul. It is known for its natural sunset and sunrise. A walk in the woods in such serene atmosphere is a magnificent experience for tourists.
  2. Trekking and Hiking:
    Adventure lovers can hike to the beautiful valley point, giving you a mind boggling view of valleys below. Photogenic natural view is a blessing for photographers and travellers.
  3. Paragliding:
    Bliss of being valiant without wings can be experienced by trying paragliding in the hills of Mukteshwar.
  4. Waterfalls:
    Visit Lamahanga Waterfall situated 6Km from the cottage, Padampuri stream and waterfall (26 km).
  5. Bird Spotting:
    Exquisite variety and species of bird migration from different parts of world to the majestic Himalaya can be spotted here. For zoologist and nature lover this place is on earth heaven.
  6. Jim Corbett:
    A jungle safari to Jim Corbett, sanctuary of Indian tigers is just few KM’S away. Visit to Jim Corbett, situated amidst Himalayan range is a thrilling experience for adventure lovers. Rock climbing: Rock and mountain climbing on himalayan ranges is an incredible experience for adrenaline junkies. Combination of high mountains and deep valleys is undeniably breath taking.
  7. Astronomy:
    Spotting stars in a clear starry sky from your cottage and appreciating the panoramic view of sky and planets above is a once in a lifetime experience.
  8. Meditation:
    We have a daily meditation and yoga session conducted in our hotel. Discover yourself and find a true nirvana from all the struggles and hassles of life.

Location: Cottage Nirvana, Mukteshwar, district Nainital, Uttarakhand.
Situated at an altitude 2171 m amidst the serenity of hills and enveloped by fresh breezy air, Cottage Nirvana is the place you have been looking for. Best seasons to visit Mukteshwar: Mar-Jun, Oct-Nov. As a child, each and every one of us ought to fantasise living in a tree house watching the tales of Tarzan. We provide you with an experience of living in a tree house or in a cottage amidst the woods.

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