Free Night: Dallas Anatole

Just like with my trip to San Antonio earlier this year, I had another annual free weekend night certificate from Hilton Honors thanks to one of my Hilton AMEX credit cards. (I have 3 Hilton cards. What is wrong with me?) The free night expires in October so I knew I had to schedule something quick! My search criteria was something not too far away, and something the kids would enjoy. And as always, I looked for one of the most expensive hotels I could find. My search turned up the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. In addition to the annual free night certificate, I planned to use my annual $250 resort credit, which *must* be used at a Hilton resort property. I initially thought to use my credit to make it a 2-night stay but instead decided to ball out on food and drinks for one night.

At $373.44 a night, it’s cheaper than my San Antonio redemption but probably a lot more valuable thanks to the killer pool. Spending that sort of money for a one night stay anywhere is just bonkers to me. The Chinese-American in me just cries at the thought. I’m comparing the dollar value to the rate I would pay if I were paying for breakfast, however, because I am a diamond member (thanks Hilton Aspire card!) I will never actually pay for breakfast.

I did, however, decide to upgrade my free breakfast to the buffet. Diamond members received 50% off the cost of a buffet. At $22/pp, there’s no way my stingy butt would pay that much if it weren’t heavily discounted and ultimately free.

Hostess gave us poker chips to signal wait staff of discount.

Diamond members also get room upgrades when available but I don’t think I got an upgrade. There *were* a lot of people there. The room was comfortable and spacious but nothing extravagant.

View of the room


The entrees at Media Bar + Grill were over priced and just OK. But the desserts were fantastic! Luckily, we got one free dessert but because I misunderstood, the waiter gave me another free dessert! Kids 12 and under also ate free and on the weekends they have a kid’s buffet, full of the normal kiddie things like chicken tenders and mac and cheese.

I need to stop trying Texas versions of Nashville Hot Chicken. Always a fail.

Gestational diabetes be damned

Here are the overall benefits of the stay. I didn’t pay the $25 resort fee because when you book entirely with points, you don’t have to pay the resort fee. Even though I used my free night certificate, it is worth a 50,000 point stay. We also didn’t eat at SĒR, even though it had great reviews. It would have been about $50 pp and completely eaten up my $250 resort credit. The kids enjoyed the daily Starbucks hot teas and the Executive Lounge access. We brought UNO, the card game and hung out in the lounge for a while, enjoying all the free drinks and food.

Hotel charges before the $250 credit

In total we would have spent $649.06 without counting the cost of the free kids meal, desserts, and Starbucks drinks. But instead, I only paid $25.62 for the whole weekend! I get as much of a kick out of seeing how much I saved on the trip as I do being there and living it!

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