Free: Kindle eBooks from IHG

I was recently chatting with a friend about how we are both such a lazy POS because we had great intentions of reading more this year. And now that we are 3/4 the way done with 2019, we haven’t read nearly as much as we thought we would, as with most personal goals.

I suddenly remembered that you get free Kindle eBooks with your IHG Platinum Elite credit card from Chase. Player 2, my DH, has the card, too, so I really get four books a quarter. Let’s be real. I’m not reading four books a quarter. And he’s definitely not reading his allotted two.

From the App, click on your account and you’ll see the above image. Next to “Extra Benefits” it will show how many Kindle eBooks you have left. Mine is showing zero because I took the screenshot after I redeemed my quarterly benefit.

You’ll then come to this screen where it would show how many book benefits you have available and also when the benefit will reset itself, for me, that’s quarterly.

You’ll then come to this page, then click on “Get a Free eBook”.

Here is where you can choose from several books. Honestly, the selection isn’t great. But free is free. Once you make your choice, you’ll be prompted to log in to your Amazon account and your books will show up in your Kindle library. It’s a super simple way to get a couple okay-ish books a quarter. The books won’t disappear at the end of the quarter so there’s no rush to finish them.

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