Whoever travels to Florence will definitely come back going into raptures about this lovely city. One will be impressed by the antique architecture and the angelic art you can find in every angle, caught by the appealing atmosphere of the city. It is true – Florence is beautiful, especially for art lovers but also for everybody who just wants to spend some good time in one of the most famous cities of Italy;either going to bars, taking a stroll in the streets while enjoying the street artists and musicians, and feeling the warmth of the city.

How to get there and what to visit:

You can get to Florence with the plane, either to the airport of Florence or to the airport of Pisa from where you can catch  a direct shuttle to the city of Florence. Since the airport of Florence is quite small, not all of the airline companies might be flying there. But don‘t hesitate to book a flight to Pisa and visit also this beautiful city before going to Florence from there. Of course you can reach Florence also by train, bus or car. As a big city it provides you every options and you only have to chose your favorite means of travel.
Florence awaits you with a lot of attractions – the old Town with its cathedral and churches, its art, antique buildings, museums, gardens, the old bridge leaning over the Arno or the Piazzale Michelangelo which lies on a raising giving you a breathtaking panoramic view over Florence.
However, we advice you to plan on some budget – since most of the attractions are not free to visit. Of course, also as a low cost traveler , you can have a good time there, but there are many things on which you will miss out and which you will regret not to have seen. This is an overview of the places we liked most:
Next to the main train station you will find the church, Santa Maria Novella. You can visit it for 5€ which is worth its price if you are interested in religious arts. If you want to save your money for other attractions,then just sit down on Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, admire the outside architecture of the church and listen to the street musicians often performing there.
Next if you then follow the streets, you find yourself in the old town with all its beautiful buildings, galleries and museums. For example the museum of Leonardo da Vinci or the Art Gallery Academy of Florence. Also the Palace of the Medici Riccardi is very interesting – aesthetically as well as historically. Whoever gets tired of all the paintings and statues and religious buildings can go to the diverse parks and gardens of Florence like the outstandingly beautiful Giardino di Boboli or Giardino Bardini. To go there you will have to cross the Old Bridge which is also very famous. Compared to what you see on postcards you might be a bit disappointed but it‘s still a beautiful place, with the water reflecting the colors of the bridge, the little shops on the bridge and the artistic environment.


Our two personal first choices are: One, the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore ,which you find in the old town. Yes, it is touristic, but it simply bowls over you with its beauty. It‘s a masterpiece of architecture and a miracle from its outside appearance. It seems surprising that it is one of the few sights you can enter for free – but once you are inside you will understand why. The inside of the cathedral can never compete with its outside. And two, the Piazzale Michelangelo from where you can see the whole of Florence; the cathedral, the churches, the river, the buildings. And during sundown it becomes quite romantic. Just take a glass of wine, sit on the stairs and enjoy the evening with your love – with street musicians singing for you and the skyline of Florence glowing in red and orange.


Since Florence is a university city with many students you also have a good mix of great night life, many bars and clubs or – the virtue of the countries of southern Europe – just be in the streets in summer enjoying the warm air and the atmosphere with music coming from the bars and laughter of the young people.
We recommend you discover the country side of Tuscany as well which is known to be one of the most beautiful in Italy. You will read about some examples on our blog soon.

Where to eat:

Florence has many restaurants in the old town and the environment. The prices are touristic but the food is delicious. We recommend especially the antique market which is a big market hall where you can buy all kind of fruits, vegetable, cheese, meat, but also do wine tasting or eat some finger food. It is unique in its way.


Where to stay:

Florence has everything – whatever place you prefer to stay. Very elegant hotels, average price but clean hostels, campsites in the summer. Like always we recommend Airbnb to you, where you mostly have your own kitchen and a local who can tell you about the best places to visit and where to eat in the city.

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