Five steps for Hotels to increase relevance on search engines




Most businesses use AdWords or AdSense, or buy expensive services from SEO businesses. Search Engine Optimization is a highly thought service, but there are other less expensive and most times totally free ways to increase your relevance not only on Google, Bing but also on social media.

Now, even though this is addressed mainly to Hotels and travel agencies, others in the tourism industry can also profit by these solutions.

  1. Most hotels already have an Event page on their website. But most time these refer only to private events organized by the hotel. Include an Events page on your website that will have a detailed list of cultural, musical and sports events in your city and area.
  2. Include those events in your social media feed. Update regularly use different content and relevant keywords.
  3. Post quality photos and videos from the events.
  4. Connect the events with the offers you have in the same period when you add content to your website.
  5. Offer detailed information on the events on your website page, such as date, location, requirements for participation. Insert keywords that you consider relevant for your Hotel or business in the content.

Although, it takes time and effort, it is a simple method undoubtedly it will save you a lot of money. Your relevance and page ranking will increase on search engines when users are searching for the events in your area, and it will guarantee you more likes, clicks and views from users that will eventually become your clients.

Post good quality content, make sure it is proofread, insert the keywords that you have decided are relevant and change the content regularly.

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