1. Apples :cube a few apples and boil them with some sugar and raisins. Put them in ramekins and layer a crumble of flour, butter and sugar over them. Bake until the crumble turns golden and serve 
  2. Bananas :Fry banana slices in a pan with some sugar or honey cinnamon until they start turning brown. Serve warm with, ice cream or pancakes. 
  3. Pineapples:mix up a simple sponge cake and layer some pineapple rounds in a baking pan before pouring cake mix over them. Bake until the cake is ready. Once done, your pineapple -upside- down cake is ready to serve. 
  4. Grapes : Freeze some seedless grapes in your freezer. Serve as a healthy alternative to commercial ice lollies when the weather is nice and warm. 
  5. Mangos :cut some mangoes into small cubes, drizzle some balsamic or salt and chill over them and serve 
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