Favourite parts of Glasgow

Why I love Glasgow.

Glasgow has always been one of my top picks for a staycation, no matter the time of year there is always something to do or something to see. Weather you a planning a shopping trip to Sauchiehall street or seeing a show at the Theatre Royal you will never be left disappointed by Glasgow. Along with the vast amount of things to do in Glasgow the atmosphere and friendliness of the locals always draws me back. There is just something about Glasgow that always makes me feel welcome no what what.

Where to stay.

There are hundreds of hotels all across Glasgow to choose from between the outskirts and the very centre, the historic to the extremely modern there is something to suit everyone’s needs. The centre of Glasgow always gets me due to the fact of its excellent transport links and  local amenities, namely the pubs and Restaurants.

Citizen M

Most recently we stayed at the award winning Citizen M hotel, The main draw for us was the modern design and the Ipad control system. Not to mention the extremely central location and free Wifi. This had been recommended by family members and had really good views online.


One of the big selling points for Citizen M is the Ipad that you use to control everything in the room. Using this you can change the colour of the lights, temperature, open the blinds and of course control the TV.


This worked really well for the first day and was quite an interesting feature for the room, however on the second day the Ipad kept freezing and lagging which caused a delay when trying to do anything. This quickly got rather annoying as it would have been easier with an old fashioned TV Remote.

Had this of worked properly the whole time it would have made for a great experience and set the room apart from the others we had stayed in previously. I would like to go back just to try this again and hope that they had improved its reliability.


The bathroom was contained with in frosted glass and situated in the middle of the room. It consisted of a Toilet and a Rainfall shower which was rather spacious and power and was lit by any colour mood lighting chosen from the Ipad. The frosted glass left little to the imagination when showing with the mood lighting turned on and the fact that the sink was outside of the bathroom was a little bit weird but wasn’t really a big issue.

Over all the bathroom was pretty fantastic if you dont mid being exposed to the rest of the room while showing and take the “day” and “night” shower gel in to account.

Things missing

The only thing I can say that i missed from a ‘conventional’ hotel room was the ability to make my own coffee in the room due to the lack of kettal. This is advertised on the website but is accompanied by the fact that they have a Canteen with tea and coffee available.  Being naive i thought the would be ‘free’ if you were a guest at the hotel, but this was not the case.

Baring these things in mind I would definitely go back to Citizen M as long as the price was competitive. It is somewhere everyone should stay once just to give the concept a shot .

What to do

Glasgow is a city of many talents and have something for everyone. from a great night life to amazing shows. No matter what your intentions for travel are you should be able to find it in Glasgow


One of the driving forces for making trips to Glasgow has always been shopping. There is a huge range of high end shops and budget chains to cover everyone shopping needs. I always stayed centrally when I visit Glasgow so have only ever been a stones throw away from Sauchiehall street and Buchanan gallaries.  Both of these will contain a large variety of shops from Primark to john Lewis and plenty of places to eat so should make for a great days shopping


Glasgow is know for having a fantastic variety of shows to suite everyone, weather you are going to watch a comedies or see a musical Glasgow will have something for you. Two of the main theatres are the King’s Theatre and Theatre Royal. Both are reasonably central and Due to the city’s great transport links will be accessible by everyone.


If you are a ‘foodie’ Glasgow is an amazing place to go, not only are there lots of big chains but there are many independent little restaurants scattered through out the city.  Any type of cuisine that you can think of you will be able to find somewhere that provides it in Glasgow.

With the Veganism on the rise many places in the city are starting to add dishes to their menus to cater for vegan, if not many are happy to Customise some to suit your needs. If you are vegan there is one place you have to visit while you are in Glasgow.

The flying Duck

The Flying Duck is a small, award winning vegan restaurant hidden away in the centre of Glasgow, with out a bit of research i wouldn’t have know it even existed. Its off the main street hidden in the cellar of a bigger building will only a board outside letting you know that it is there. once you venture down the stairs in to the restaurant you will be greeted by a hipster esk bar and a restaurant based in what looks like a dance hall.

I was a little bit sceptical at first but the staff are all really friendly and there is a great atmosphere to make you feel at home. They offer a few verity’s of burger, hot dogs and sides along with vegan milkshakes that are to die for. This is one place we always make time for when we are in Glasgow and would recommend everyone checks them out at some point as it is easy to see why they are award winning.


Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you have any comments









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