Faith Glamping Dome in Costa Rica

Enjoy a unique mix of nature immersion and hotel-level comforts in a jungle setting just steps from the beach.


Jungle Luxury by the Sea

To the uninitiated, “glamping” is the commonly used amalgamation of “glamorous camping.” It’s often enjoyed by those seeking unconventional getaways that combine adventurous outdoor living and the comforts of full-service accommodations. Nearly no place mixes the motifs better than Faith Glamping Dome. It’s quite a combination, melding five-star amenities with an outdoor experience in a jungle setting that’s steps from a Instagram-perfect Caribbean beach.

Saying it’s “steps” to the sand is not an exaggeration. Moments after emerging from your geodesic dome you can be standing on a vast expanse of sandy beach before shimmering Atlantic waters. With almost no development close to the forest edge, it often feels as if this palm-backed piece of paradise is all your own. You’ve booked a truly singular escape!

Of course, there are reasons not to leave your dome so quickly. With electricity, lights and a powerful air conditioner, you’ve got more than the comforts of home. Enjoy a hot shower in your bathroom featuring a modern vessel sink. From locally sourced hardwood floors to outdoor seating on a private veranda, the level of pampering is as high as Faith’s attention to detail. One can easily get used to the high-end mattress and deluxe bedding that envelops as you fall to sleep to the sounds of ocean waves and rainforest creatures.

Wake to a complimentary breakfast with an abundance of organic fruit, artisanal bread with homemade jam, and yogurt with a mix of mueslix. Or go with a traditional Costa Rican starter of eggs, tortillas and the rice-and-beans combo of gallo pinto. Add in fresh-squeezed juice made from local tropical delights and a cup of Costa Rica’s famed gourmet coffee with just a hint of vanilla to begin your day right.

Benefits of the Dome Experience

One of today’s most-recognized geodesic dome structures is the Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World, the well-known symbol of the Epcot theme park. But domes have been in use for centuries for structures including Rome’s Pantheon. Ancient healers have long practiced in domes with the belief that the geometric designs aid with health and mental wellbeing. Mirroring the forms found in nature, rounded dome shapes are naturally soothing to the human psyche. Filled with natural light from windows and white walls, Faith’s cocooning domes offer a remarkable level of relaxation.

At One With Creatures and Comforts

You‘ll feel as if you have stepped into a nature reserve upon entering the grounds. Because, well, you have. The entire area is nestled in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife and Marine Refuge, where coral reefs and pristine beaches give way to lush rolling hills that teem with wildlife.

Prepare to share the oasis with howler monkeys. While the ground may be your domain, they reside high in the twisty branches of the Chilamate trees that soar above your dome. You won’t have any face-to-face encounters but howlers are a near constant site and their signature calls are an ever-present part of the jungle symphony. But they don’t have exclusive rights to the patch of nature. Playful spider monkeys also make a showing and sloths have been known to use the grounds as a nursery for their little ones.

You’re apt to see toucans, parrots, owls and falcons soaring through the air as morpho butterflies float and hummingbirds hover before nectar-rich flowers. Small dart frogs croak from covers of foliage while blue crabs make their home in small pockets of soil across the property. These creatures make their homes amid the fiery red rosettes of bromeliads and other native plants including thick ferns and banana trees that bear fruit for organic breakfasts.

Inspired by a Mission to Mars

It all started with dreams of space. As a child, owner Andrea Sánchez was obsessed with becoming an astronaut and embarked on an unrelenting letter-writing campaign to Costa Rican astronaut Franklin Chang. He responded by sending her a model of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Her enthusiasm grew. While Sánchez never made it to outer space, she ventured to NASA’s Space Center Houston. There she saw geodesic domes for a planned mission to Mars and her goal was clear. She would bring domes to Costa Rica’s Caribbean shore.

Giving Back With Glamping

It’s not just about creating an escape for travelers who want a unique nature experience. Faith fosters female entrepreneurship and supports community-based projects with groups including Peace Through Yoga. Beyond the foundation’s efforts to promote transformational yoga, they run the Girls for Success program. The initiative seeks to empower young women in rural areas through education that helps spawn future community leaders.

Faith Glamping also arranges trips to the Kekoldi Indigenous Reservation. There you can meet with a family that continues the time-honored craft of making chocolate, which is more than just creating tasty treats. The cacao fruit is an integral part of the native Bri-bri culture and has long been used by shamans for medicinal and purification purposes. The reservation is also home to a local family with a farm that’s dedicated to protecting endangered green iguanas.

Back on the Faith Glamping grounds, there are efforts to protect leatherback sea turtles that nest on the beach directly before the domes.

Rejuvenate Right on Site

Those in search of healing for both body and soul need not venture far. There’s a dedicated massage space mere meters from your dome, with a professional-grade therapy table on a gazebo surrounded by dense foliage. Melt under the healing hands of an experienced masseuse to the soothing sounds of the forest and ocean waves. The calming space also hosts music therapy gatherings and yoga sessions with seasoned instructors who offer a range of different styles.

Head off for invigorating activities such as swimming in ocean waters, surfing classes, kayaking or a boating adventure. A popular spot to reach by boat is Punta Mona (or “Monkey Point”), with amazing snorkeling along a coral reef and an inland nature reserve that practices sustainable permaculture.

Explore the Area

A five-minute drive or 20-minute stroll down the beach takes you to the village of Manzanillo. The tiny assembly of structures has a few restaurants where the sounds of Bob Marley float through the air and you can enjoy an oceanfront meal before views of swaying palm trees. There are some small grocery stores to pick up essentials and a bike-rental spot if you want to pedal off to explore further afield. Neighboring Punta Uva has a tranquil beach and a reef with calm waters that are worth exploring.

This is just a limited list of things to do in the area. Costa Rica attracts visitors from across the globe looking to discover its rich rainforests, bask on pristine beaches and soar down zip lines high above dense jungle canopies. The adventures available are limited only by your imagination.


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