eOcambo @ Siem Reap

Before heading to Koh Rong, we flew into Phnom Penh and stayed one (thankfully) short night before catching an early bus. I booked the hotel for the two of us. I am no longer allowed to book hotels for the two of us.

Aidan chose eOcambo Residence in Siem Reap and, fine, he can book the hotels from now on because it was a damn good choice.

The Residence was a little outside of the city center but it didn’t take us too long to learn that this was actually a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Siem Reap (see: my last post) but being away from the craziness of the bars and restaurants meant that you could sit out on the balcony or relax by the pool in peace.

Plus, the center was an easy 10-minute walk or an even quicker $2 tuk-tuk ride. Not exactly inconvenient.

Aidan floating in eOcambo’s pool.

And the pool? Order me a drink and give me a book and I’m there.

The pool was beautiful. Small but clean and with enough trees and shrubbery to be surrounded by a lush jungle. We chose one day (the day we also planned on being hung-over) to sit by pool in our Taobao-bought swimsuits and relax. We had to claim a spot early due to high demand but that just meant I had my morning coffee poolside. Can I do that every morning?

The room we had booked was the priciest of all of the rooms but, this being Southeast Asia, wasn’t too much of a splurge. When booking we had decided that the extra money was worth it. It was vacation, after all.

The room was located on the top floor and couldn’t have been more our style. It was spacious, clean, and minimalistic, with an industrial edge to it. Plus, there was a tub in the middle of the living area. While it took ages to fill, I enjoyed a glass or two of wine while soaking my sunburnt body.

The balcony was also a great place for a drink while looking out to the city and listening to it.

Finally, there was the staff, who were incredibly friendly and helpful. They always always always greeted us, they recommended places to go, organized trips, arranged tuk-tuks, and opened my convenient store wine when I ran down to the lobby in my robe and slippers late in the evening.

They also arranged a tuk-tuk to take us to and from the airport. When you travel enough you start to really appreciate this kind of service.

We watched a few privileged travelers take the staff for granted but, even so, they remained polite and professional.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for good customer service.

Would I recommend this place in Siem Reap? Am I smiling in this this pic?

Yes and yes.

P.S. Here’s a link for eOcambo Residence through Booking.com:

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