Ensure Great Comfort in the Best Surat Hotel near Railway Station and Airport

The Silk City of India, Surat, is in Gujarat. This city is famous for its diamond industry, as 90% of the world’s total diamond cutting/polishing works happen in Surat. But that’s not all; beautiful beaches like Hazira Beach and Dumas Beach surround this city. It has many temples and historic buildings that feature traditional Indian architecture.
a8830f94e73e11e5926a5ee5da2daa2a.jpgDue to these diverse features, different types of tourists come to Surat from different parts of India and the world. The Ginger Surat gives warm welcome to all these tourists. It has become the finest business hotel amidst all budget hotels in Surat due to its unique features. Every member of this hotel gives attention to the smallest of details to guarantee a comfortable stay for the guests. This attentiveness has helped this hotel become the best of the lot.

  • Every guest receives a cup of hot and free coffee after checking in as part of the warm welcome into the hotel.
  • Ginger Hotel not only guarantees the security of the guests with the latest digital locking mechanism. They also guarantee optimum comfort with quiet rooms and blackout blinds.
  • The guests also receive square meals 24 hours a day through in-room dining facilities. You may test delicious preparations of regional cuisine when staying at this hotel.
  • Ginger Hotel is located at a distance of 6.9-km from the Surat Airport and 13-km from the Surat railway distance. Hence, you may reach this hotel within minutes from these locations. This exclusive location certainly makes Ginger Hotel the most accessible destination amongst any Surat hotel near railway station or Surat airport.
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