End of the Month Update Waiting Tables

This month I made $206 in tips, but I only worked 4 days this month. Since I only work 2 days a week, and I had to take off 2 Saturdays as I was working for the same place but at a Summer festival, I was not waiting tables. I did get paid in tips from one of the extra places but I do not count that in my monthly waiting tables spreadsheet.

Working the one festival I made $276 in tips in a 11 days. Still waiting to find out about the second fest that I did.

Each time I wait tables I put my tips in the bank at the end of the night. They are always slotted to go somewhere.

Tonight for example I made $19 (very slow night) So I put $10 in my vacation spending fund and I left $9 in my wallet. I have 9 more shifts waiting tables before I go on vacation. So I will be putting between $10 and $20 in my vacation fund. This is money that I will take with me for part of my spending while on vacation.


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