Dream Bigger

If you are a tourist, you have probably visited Times Square during your trip to New York. If you are a NY native, you probably stay away from it. If you know me, you know that I will go wherever the supposed ~vibes~ call for. Rooftop bars have always been my favorite, even before I could actually enjoy the “bar” part of them. The fact that as a kid I was able to still find love in them speaks on the nature of the setting, not the drinking aspects of it. What better place and way to unwind from reality than going to a surreal place? PHD rooftop at Dream Midtown is undoubtedly one of my favorite places in the world, and that is an understatement. Or perhaps it would be better to say it is one of my favorite places *out of this world, as its location and amenities provide for an unreal experience.

The Dream Hotels in New York are a perfect mix of heaven and hell, as the reclusive suites and spa provide a haven from the chaos of the city but the top floors provide immediate access to an unparalleled New York night-life experience, all without having to step foot outside the doors. You are quite literally in the heart of the city, minutes away from Times Square, surrounded by lights, and you will feel the exuberance pump your heart. Sound cheesy? It gets even better. Dream Hotels’ theme is “dream” (sounds about right) and the building’s design itself really gets you in the feels. LED signs saying “dream bigger” and “it was all a dream” are placed subtly around the building, adding a cool, hip touch of inspiration and effervescence to the air. The Dream Downtown hotel even has an “out of the world” architecture, with porthole windows lining the whole building, perhaps to create an added effect of reclusion from the outer world, and from inside of which (the building) is another.

The concrete jungle may be the city where dreams are made of, but experiencing it at Dream will make you feel like you are in one and that they came true at the same time.

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