Disneyland 2018

For starters, old Alex, who thought that she was too old to go and enjoy Disney, YOU WERE WRONG, for future Alex, NEVER turn down the opportunity to go to Disneyland no matter how old you are! And that applies for you too!

Disneyland Paris was amazing! This was not my first trip to Disney (land or world), which I now recognise as being something that I am very fortunate to say and that fact, hopefully, will never be lost on me. Equally though, on the memorable scale it is off the charts!

We arrived at Disney on Thursday 1st November and, as Halloween was the previous day, Disney was kitted out and it was magical! Seeing all the details that had gone into something that was already a master piece of architecture, with the addition of Halloween decorations was not something to be sniffed at and something that I, as a minimal decoration kind of being, will never strive to recreate.

As we arrived in the afternoon, we took Thursday slow. We only went on one ride and that was It’s A Small World. Hands down one of my favourite all time rides and a ride that has sentimental meaning to my family. The figurines of the people were so delicately made that it made everyone on the boat accompany the theme song with “ooo”, “ahh” and “woah” (I could not make it up if I tried)! It really lifted our spirits after waiting in the rain for 60 mins to get on. That was another thing, we realised as we were going off on our jollies, there are no short queues! I found myself saying “oh 60 mins, that’s nothing!”, a sentence that until our trip would never have left my lips!

The Hotel that we stayed in was The New York Hotel and, by pure coincidence, was the closest to the park entrance. The employees there deserve flipping medals for the service that they provided for us! It was exceptional! Everyone, and I mean everyone (even the security team, who were incredibly tight by the way) were friendly and willing to take their time with you so to make your individual experience was the best it could be and by golly did it work! Whilst we were there, there was a small systems failure which delayed our check in for a few hours which was not that big of a deal for us but for people with young families it was proving a little more challenging, so the staff were giving away packets of sweets that, here in England, would ordinarily cost 60p! I was amazed!

Nothing beats the atmosphere of Disneyland and it is something that I can’t describe to you in words; you really do have to go and experience the magic firsthand which, for some, is not easy.

This is going to turn into a whopper of a post so I shall continue to recount my experience in a different post so that I don’t distract you from you life for too much longer as that just isn’t fair but rest assured, this trip will forever be remembered!

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