Disney Basics

One of the first things to happen when you return from any vacation is your friends, family, and neighbors say “How was it?” This question can lead to a myriad of other questions. Where did you stay? What did you do? Did you like it? Will you go back? Did you see this attraction or that? Did you eat at this place or that place?

A Disney vacation certainly evokes these questions and so many more.

When I planned my first trip any time I overheard someone utter the word “Disney” my ears perked up. If the opportunity presented itself, without making myself seem rude, I often inquired for more information. I loved hearing what anyone else thought.

It wasn’t any different when I returned and was chatting with friends. A co-worker asked me for tips on her trip and another co-worker overheard and started asking questions too. I’ve talked to people at the kids sporting events about their upcoming trips. I get Facebook messages and text messages from friends that know I’ve been and ask my thoughts on different things from hotels, to buses, to meals.

I’m not joking about the messages. If you’re not following on Twitter or Instagram you may have missed this, funny, but true post.


I love it! Thanks to all of these people making me feel like my opinions are at least somewhat valuable I wrote a “Disney Basics” document that I’ve emailed to some friends and family. Disney can be overwhelming to start planning. This was simply a way to try to help know where to start without spewing a bunch of words at them and making their head spin. When it’s in writing there are a few minutes for the information to digest and the questions to form.

I love this document because it’s a one-page guide with some of the most important information you need to start thinking about vacation. How long to go and where to stay. There’s also little tips about the lingo too. 2018-Disney-Basics-Guide-1

Writing this document also eventually lead me to start this blog as a place to put all my ideas and chatter. So if you’re looking for some starter information, here you go!  If it helps you out, awesome! Please, let me know!

NOTE: Information is updated for early 2018. Disney is subject to change pricing, products, options, and add-ons at any time. As an example, the resort parking fees noted were added in recent months.

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