Discover the food scene of Dubai

If you are soon to visit Dubai, you can surely expect the food scene to take you by delight! While the city is replete with eateries, you need to find a place that suits you. The best hotel restaurants in Dubai are majorly inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. So, ranging from Indian to North Korean, and everything in between, you can find here. We would also suggest you to research each restaurant before booking your table, so you’re sure of what to expect. Do keep in mind that since it is a high-class city in general, most of the restaurants are luxurious.

Best Hotel Restaurants in Dubai

The best part is, Dubai food is not confined to just one style of food. For starters, if you haven’t tasted camel before, well, Dubai offers that too! In fact, quite popular in Dubai, many Emirati dishes include camel as one of their chief ingredients. A famous dish of Dubai, is, in fact, stuffed camel, in which the chef stuffs a whole camel with herbs and spices and then roasts the meat. What you get, is a rich and tender meal, which you definitely cannot say no to! It should also be noted that many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes involve generous usage of spices and chilly. If you are not into spicy food, you can simply order pizza from the best restaurants in Business Bay area.

When taking a leisurely stroll around the city, don’t forget to try the local street food. Inexpensive yet tasty, street food is also the quickest option for go-to business travellers who don’t want to spend a fortune on fine dining restaurants every night. What’s more, when it comes to street food, you can even haggle over the prices! Don’t sound pushy though; an effective trick is to ask if you can get a discount or pay a little lesser than the asking price. You will find a plethora of Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese restaurants offering local cuisine at pocket-friendly prices.

As far as authentic Emirati dishes from the restaurants in Business Bay area are concerned, Shawarma is a must-have. Considered as fast food in Dubai, treat your taste buds to this spicy meat served in a wrap, while you are out and about. With some extra mint sauce and salad, it tastes even better, especially if you find shawarma to be a tad too strong. Do note that since Dubai is a predominantly Muslin region, you won’t find pork dishes in the major restaurants while on the other hand, lamb, camel, beef, and chicken are available aplenty.

Emirati cuisine will turn out to be unlike any food you’ve ever had before, so it would not be an overstatement to say that you’re in for an experience!

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