Dim Sum by One Michelin Star Chef, Tam To Ming at Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur


Hailing from the 1-Michelin Star restaurant; Yee Tung Heen at The Excelsior Hong Kong, Chef Tam To Ming is known for his array of dainty dim sum creations that delights even the most discerning palate.

I was truly lucky to be able to sample some of his work of art this weekend as it was available for a limited time only!


Twin Gold Fish Dumplings with Chicken & Abalone Dumpling RM 48 per person

We were filled with awe when this was served. The Twin Gold Fish Dumplings were absolutely adorable! Though there weren’t much fillings in it, you can taste how fresh the ingredients were.

Other than that, the Chicken & Abalone Dumpling tasted really inviting! We had to order a few more baskets as it was based on per person basis. Highly recommended!


Kale Dumplings with Beetroot RM 28 / three pieces

One bite and the fillings crumbles into your mouth. I really enjoy the water chestnut chunks in it as it gives a little more texture not just mushy vegetables. The natural coloring from the beetroot makes it looks simply fetching.


Chicken Dumplings with Emperor Vegetables in Szechuan StyleRM 38 5 pieces

Delicate dainty dumplings bursting with flavors complemented the Szechuan sauce sublimely as it wasn’t too spicy but bearable with just the right heat.

Don’t worry, this dish does not give any numbing effect.

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