Diamond Triangle Of Odisha: A Must Visit Place For You


Lalitagiri , Ratnagiri and Udayagiri are the most famous places in India to visit the great ancient relics of Buddha and their cultural importance. These are considered to be very holy places by the Hinduism and Buddhism followers. Many tourists who stay at Hotels In Nayapalli, visit this place

Lalitagiri, located in the Mahanga block of Cuttack district, about 90km far from the city of Bhubaneshwar. Also called ‘Nalitgiri’. It has the famous museum which comprises of the archaeological findings along with the bones of Gautam Buddha.

This makes it a well visited the place during the whole year. Also, we can find vast Stupas and containers made up of Khondalite, Silver and Gold. It is said that the two stone caskets with relics of Lord Buddha were found in this Stupa. The Artifacts date back to 9th and 10th century A.D and believed that Tantric Buddhism was practised here.

Ratnagiri is a town located near the Birupa river in the district of Jajjpur. Situated half hour drive from Lalitagiri, this was the site of major Monasteries flourished from 5th to 12th century A.D. It is considered to be another Buddhism significant centre.

There is one large Stupa encircled by several medium and smaller Stupas. All of the Stupas are made up of different material and all in different shapes. A lot of picturesque views are also available. You can find accommodation at any of the Hotels In Bhubaneswar Near Airport if planning to visit it.

Bhubaneshwar being the capital of Odisha and a tourist-attraction, is the centre from where people rent good hotels in the city leave to the diamond triangle, of high spiritual interests and they experience the power of the divine.

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