Day 2: Enchanted with New Mexico


I woke up early Sunday morning feeling refreshed and excited. I decided to go for a short walk around the property to get my bearings and take photographs. Breakfast wasn’t served until 7:30 A.M., but my mind was on coffee first and foremost. I went out into the lobby area where a coffee station set up at the bar, but unfortunately there was only decaf available. The staff was in the process of brewing more regular Iconik Coffee.  I patiently waited for the carafe of coffee to be brought out then eagerly filled my cup with the brown steaming liquid. The coffee was bold and strong, just the way I like it. I headed up toward the Posi Trail where I enjoyed my coffee while taking photos of nature’s amazing art work. Around 8:00 A.M. I started to get hungry and headed back down the trail for breakfast.

After breakfast, I came out of the hotel and saw a man setting up a table along the main path. I went over and met Vincent, a Santo Domingo Pueblo, who was there selling jewelry. His pieces were absolutely beautiful and he also brought the stones the jewelry was made out of to show to customers. He informed us that his signature for each piece is having a small piece of opal at the bottom of his jewelry. I purchased two pair of turquoise earrings from him since I had given myself a budget of $40.00 to spend.

IMG_0062After purchasing my earrings I decided to head back to my room since the chilly morning air was starting to warm up. I wanted to enjoy the spa and baths before it got too busy.  Since it was a weekend, lots of day trippers visit the spa. Most of the pools were pretty full, but I managed to spend a little time in the main ones.

As it got closer to noon, the crowds grew and I decided to get a  private pool. I thought the private pools were only $12, but that was actually the cost for a private tub. The private pools are an additional $45 for around 50 minutes. It was worth the money to have the whole pool to myself. At night they will light the Kiva fireplace for you upon request. When my time was up in the private pool, I decided to take a nap and unwind for the rest of the afternoon.

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I got up around 5 or 6 for dinner and enjoyed enchiladas made with southwest chiles, and a side of fresh veggies and beans. I indulged in a prickly pear mimosa. While I waited for the food to be served, the waitress brought over a basket of blue corn mini corn muffins. They were warm and delicious! After dinner, I headed back to my room where I confirmed my flight reservations for my return the next day.

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