Copywriting about holidays for Q Holidays – throughout 2005

In 2005 I was contracted to help fill out content for a holiday website. Sadly I didn’t get to go to Barbados, but I did get paid a decent daily rate to use the internet to write enticing reviews of destinations and hotels.

There were four types of content: Destination long [180wds], Destination short [100 wds], Hotel short [50 wds] and Hotel long [180 wds]. The important thing here was to include all the right SEO terms – although SEO standards have since changed. As has this website, where the quality of some of the descriptions is not as high as it once was…

Below is a sample of this copy, about some of my favourite places that I still haven’t been to. They sound amazing. #sigh #ineedaholiday

Destinations, long and short:

Cancun – long

Cancun is the showcase resort of Mexico, named by the Mayan people and located at the heart of the Mayan Riviera. The focus of this beautiful destination for many is the vibrant Kukulacán Boulevard, the main avenue through Cancun Island, a fourteen mile peninsula which boasts the most stunning beaches in Cancun. The inland side of Cancun Island is home to the beautiful Laguna Nichupté, an amazing lagoon fed by underground water and connected to the sea in two places, all of which provides a great base for a variety of water-based activities. Small archaeological sites of Mayan ruins near the beach are also a great place to spot iguanas. Cancun Island has all the restaurants, nightclubs and shopping malls you could wish for, but for those who wish to explore more widely or take a gentle break from the beach there is always Cancun City, otherwise known as Centro. Combining fantastic beaches with a vibrant city, Cancun makes an excellent destination.

Cancun – short

Cancun is a stunning showcase of the best holiday Mexico has to offer, with a fantastic choice of accommodation and activities for a holiday to suit every visitor. The stunning beaches of Cancun Island and the Laguna Nichupté offer water activities and tours of all kinds, while on land there are ancient Mayan ruins to explore, right next to the beach. Cancun has developed into one of the most vibrant and all-round holiday destinations, with a great selection of restaurants, bars, nightspots and shops placed right on the beach, while for those who want to explore there is Cancun City. Cancun makes a great all-round holiday.

St Kitts – long

St Kitts is a truly beautiful island, once the oldest of the English colonies of the Caribbean and boasting a lushness born of its volcanic formation. The highest of the peaks in St Kitts is Liamuigia, an extinct volcano measuring 3,792 feet. Liamuigia was the original name for the island and translates as ‘fertile land’, a perfect description for this tropical paradise. St Kitts is now the only Leeward island of the Caribbean that still grows sugar cane, once one of the biggest industries of the West Indies. The colonial past of St Kitts gives this island a beautiful quality, found in the old colonial plantation homes that are now beautiful inns. St Kitts is only sixty-nine square miles and is largely unspoilt by big development, with towns remaining small, un-crowded and very welcoming for the visitor who wishes to relax in a paradise setting. The beaches of St Kitts are also stunning, and for anyone wishing to experience the sheer beauty of the Caribbean, St Kitts is the perfect destination.

St Kitts – short

St Kitts is possibly the most unspoilt of all the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, one that has rejected larger development in favour of preserving all the charm and beauty of the old colonial architecture, with small towns and pretty plantation houses transformed into inns giving the visitor a real sense of tranquillity and old-world elegance. The tallest of St Kitts’ impressive peaks is the extinct volcano Liamuigia, with the volcanic soil nourishing all the lush tropical vegetation. St Kitts is a tranquil paradise for a truly relaxing holiday.

Hotels, long and short:

Oasis Cancun – short

The Oasis Cancun is found on the beach at the Kukulacán Boulevard, with the ocean on one side and an amazing lagoon on the other. The Mayan-styled Oasis Cancun is a fantastic all-inclusive resort.

Oasis Cancun – long

The Oasis Cancun is located on the Kukulacán Boulevard, the main focus of the beach holiday in Cancun, with an amazing stretch of soft sandy beach on one side and a lagoon on the other. The Oasis Cancun is also only twenty minutes from the airport.

The Oasis offers a great range of facilities, with guests able to choose from seven restaurants and eight bars, while they also receive a discount on the cover charge at the Up and Down nightclub. There are twice-weekly Mexican and Caribbean themed entertainments here, while sports available include tennis and golf, and there is a kid’s club to keep the children entertained. All of this is complemented by an impressively large swimming pool and the amazing beachfront.

The Oasis Cancun is a great hotel in a fantastic beach location, with a great range of facilities and activities to keep all the family entertained, all of which means you can kick back, relax and enjoy Cancun.

Moon Palace Cancun – short

The Moon Palace is found south of Cancun’s airport on the calm southern shore of Cancun, just a few steps away from the main boulevard, nestled amongst lush gardens and right on a stunning stretch of white sandy beach.

Moon Palace Cancun – long

The Moon Palace is located on the calm southern shores of Cancun, framed by fifty-five acres of lush tropical garden and right on a stretch of nearly two thousand feet of white sand beach. The Moon Palace is also only five miles south of Cancun’s airport, so you can be relaxing almost as soon as you arrive.

The Moon Palace has a great choice of ten restaurants, between them offering a great choice of cuisine and buffet choices, all complemented by seven bars including swim-up bars in the pool. There are four pools here, two indoor and two outdoor, and eight Jacuzzis, while land sports include tennis, volleyball, basketball and golf. There is also a gym and a water-sports marina.

The Moon Palace is a hotel offering a comprehensive range of facilities to help you enjoy your holiday to the full, and its great location makes it a great destination for every kind of visitor, from couples to families.

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