Concierge Problems



Sooooooo, Guest in room 1013 came down to the front desk around 1:06 AM saying that the guests in room 1010 were being extremely loud. Guest claimed that this is not the first time they have been noisy. Guest claimed that there was a bunch of millennials in room 1010 and spoke with them earlier in the day telling them that they needed to keep it down. Guest in room 1013 proceeded to say that he was the leader of the Latin kings and that there were 2 options. (1) To either call 911 to make the guests in 1010 be quiet or (2) he was going to shoot and kill everyone in the room. Guest claimed that he knows a lot of gang members and doesn’t have a problem calling them and having them help out with the situation. He also claimed that he was 52 years old and didn’t mind going back to jail. Concierge advised Mr. Taylor that we would get security up to the 10th ASAP to handle the problem & that it would be preferred that we were to stick to option 1. Guest left front desk around 1:08 AM to go back to room. Security was instantly dispatched and went up to 10th floor. Security also advised Operator in PBX to call 911. Cops were called at 1:15 AM. Cops did not go up to the 10th floor until 1:37 AM, as they were waiting for back up. Around 1:50 AM, BOTH guests in room 1010 & 1013 were evicted by hotel security and cops.

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