Compelling Reasons Why You Should Still Book a Hotel as an Accommodation


“Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.” –Oliver Goldsmith


George Bernard Shaw was once quoted to say that the great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life. However, with the myriad of accommodation options available to travelers—all of which are relatively inexpensive in comparison to hotel bookings—it would be no surprise as to why they would opt for the more practical and economical alternative.

Indeed, various types of accommodation come with their own respective advantages and disadvantages. However, hotels remain as a reliable, comfortable, straightforward and easy option insomuch that it might just be the first thing that pops into a tourist’s head when they are scouring for accommodation options. If you have been wondering whether you should stay in one of the Pampanga hotels or elsewhere during your next excursion as opposed to staying in an inn or dormitory, here are some of the reasons why hotels remain to be the best travel accommodations—regardless of where it might be.



Hotels are always known for their exceptional service regardless of how many stars a particular hotel has attained. After all, if you are in the hospitality industry, you would need to capitalize on the quality of service you can render to your guests. Although the types of businesses in this industry run the gamut from extravagant resorts to hostels, you can expect a degree of service from each of them. With this in mind, you would know that you will be in good hands and that you can have a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Worldwide availability

Spontaneity is a characteristic distinct to most travelers. Resultantly, many of them would not plan every detail of their trip and would just end up where their feet might take them. While this might be admirable, it could potentially put them in a travel snag wherein they would not have a place to stay for the night unless they are open to the idea of camping out. Fortunately, hotels are available wherever you might be in the world. Whether you are discovering the nooks and crannies of a major city or exploring the hidden gems of the countryside, you can always be assured by the fact that a hotel would be not too far away. A little caveat though: Hotels in far-flung areas typically do not feature the same amenities and services with the ones found in major cities unless they are run by the same chain.


When you are not out touring the city or exploring any nearby towns, it would be great to spend some time at your accommodation. However, cheap accommodations only have the bare essentials covered such as a room to stay and a place to eat. In some cases, there would not be any restaurants in sight depending on where you are. Staying in a hotel guarantees that you have something to do during your downtime apart from staying holed up in your room. You can either enjoy an afternoon dip in the pool, go for a jog, get a workout in the gym or check out their bars. Moreover, hotels have housekeeping which ensures that you do not have to give a thought about daily chores. From room services, internet access to laundry services, a whole range of services would be available to you. In this regard, relaxation should be the only thing on your mind.

Diverse dining options

Top notch and luxury hotels offer their guests a variety of restaurants that have their own foreign specialties. However, if you do not wish to dine out and would rather stay in, you can have food sent up to you as well.


Most hotels are located in proximity to commercial establishments or tourist areas. In this regard, the possibility of getting lost is mitigated. Furthermore, transport hubs and important sights would just be within your reach and the airport would not be too far away either. If you need directions, you can always ask the trusty front-desk manager for them. Lastly, hotels have shuttle services should you need to go to other areas which would make it easy for you to find your way back to the hotel.

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