Cinnamon Citadel Chill

A few weeks ago, I was invited for a lunch at a prestigious hotel in Kandy – Cinnamon Citadel. After being here for a few times, I was quick to accept the invitation. So I got myself a photographer, Ushan Malshika and Asheni from Alura as my plus one and we went to Citadel on a warm Saturday.

The place was decorated for the season with mini christmas trees everywhere and the staff was very friendly and nice. We got a welcome drink of two choices as soon as we entered and I chose to sip on my watermelon juice while I was taking in the view.


Citadel is situated at a convenient location for locals and foreigners alike where it’s a few minutes away from the town, but also far enough from the town to get away from the noise. You are surrounded by nature and there’s the beautiful view of the Mahaweli river (the longest river in Sri Lanka).

It’s a great place for a few friends to chill since there’s the pool bar with sofas and the view of the pool and lake. The pool bar has a separate menu where you could order alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages along with snacks.


Then there’s Cafe C where it’s more private, but still has the stunning view and a separate menu as well. There’s also a place near the pool where the view of the lake could be seen more prominently. This is by far my most favourite place to chill since there’s a cool breeze coming from the lake and there’s so many bean bags lying around.

Next comes our favourite part… lunch!

The lunch at Citadel goes at 2,500/= per person and is available every Saturday. The day we went the spread was wide and there was a choice of Sri Lankan dishes, noodles, rice in two ways, fish, beef and all kinds of meat!

There were starters as well with the buns and soup, but of course, we just dived right into the main course.


Next up, dessert!

I was pretty full at this point, so I didn’t serve myself a lot. But, there was my favourite – chocolate mousse! Another favourite of mine was the passion fruit tart that they had.

By the end of lunch, we were all so content and happy that the only thing that would have been perfect at the time was a good afternoon nap (we are too lazy!). So since we had some time to kill, we were lazing away at the pool side bar while sipping on to some cool drinks.


I would definitely recommend Citadel to anyone out there. If you are checking in to Kandy and need a place to relax, Citadel is the place to go! Check their Facebook page and their website for more details.

It was a great experience overall and I have to thank the management at Citadel for inviting me! Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness.

A big thank you also goes out to Ushan for taking brilliant pictures as always. Check him out on Instagram and Facebook and book him for your next event.


A final thank you goes out to Asheni for being my date for the day. Thank you for the custom-made dress and for accepting the interview request. Check out Alura on Instagram and Facebook for the cutest dresses.

Until next time, Happy Holidays and have a very Merry Christmas!


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