Chena Hot Springs Resort

I have been to Chena Hot Springs a few times since our time in Alaska. It is just under an 1.5 hour drive from Fairbanks and well worth a day trip. I would however take the word “Resort” lightly, especially if you aren’t quite used to Alaskan standards. I don’t say this to sound snobby or anything I just think it really helps to know what to expect when arriving. My friend used the comparison of an old school summer camp which I think describes it well.

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Ice Museum

Bar & Restaurant

There is plenty to do around the resort including dog sledding, snow machining, hikes, the ice museum and the hot springs themselves. There is a pool inside and I usually see lots of families in there, I will add that you have to be 18 to use the Hot Springs themselves.

I went back this past weekend with my friends and we tried some of the cocktails and grabbed some lunch at the restaurant. They were all delicious.  We headed to the springs for a few hours and then headed back to the bar for a few more cocktails, you get thirsty after those hot springs ya know. Prices for food and drinks are pretty consistent with Alaska so keep that in mind. The restaurant offers a military discount which is nice too. The springs themselves are $15.

We had so much fun but we all agreed that it would have been much better if the weather was colder. There’s nothing like being freezing cold and dipping in those hot springs. So I definitely recommend going in below freezing temps, the colder the better.

5 things to take to the Hot Springs

  1. SHOWER SHOES trust me on this one. The changing areas are relatively clean but with the amount of people coming through I would definitely recommend them.
  2.  QUARTERS. For the lockers
  3.  WATER. I mean it when I said the hot springs make you thirsty HYDRATE
  4.  A cover for your phone, or Ziploc, something to protect it from the elements.
  5.  Some good company.


I highly recommend visiting the springs, It is also a nice place to bring visitors summer or winter.





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