Canyons, USA

In this trip we were exploring all the beautiful canyon via road trip. I must say we both were excited and nervous at the same time to drive in the world famous ” Nevada” dessert. We had to drive through the dessert land and ghost town which added a punch to this experience.

We had prebooked our tour to Lower Antelope Canyon via Dixie Tours. Our tour was scheduled at around 2 pm in the afternoon on a hot summer day. There was a substantial crowd to see this nature’s beautiful creation. It is believed by the local villagers that this is a sacred place which is the reason why you can’t visit this place without a native Navajo guide. It’ also a perfect place to take pictures , so don’t forget to take your camera.


Our next stop on this road trip was Horseshoe bend canyon. I must that I have not seen a more beautiful place than this in my life. I think the picture will justify this part of my behalf. We were lucky to reach here around evening pm when the sun was setting and throwing reflections of colorful rays on this beauty. I will fall short of words to explain how much I have cherished this place from then. It’s a part of my fond memory to be able to capture best moments of life. You can see in the picture the green Colorado river meandering around the huge rock shaped hill.

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