Business at its Best in Goa!


There are very few people who can say that “I love my job.” I am one of them for sure. It was just a week ago, that I had just entered my office and my colleague told me about the business trip to nowhere else but Goa!

I have always looked forward to traveling, be it for work or leisure. Even the place does not matter much to me, as every place has its own beauty. But Goa was definitely the cherry on the top of the cake. I went up to my boss, thanked her for the wonderful opportunity (as I was a newbie who was just 1 week old in this office) and asked for her permission to take over the job of booking the hotel for the people selected for the people selected for the trip. She gladly showed me a green signal.

Of all the hotels I looked up on the internet, there was this hotel called Jasmine Hotel, which I found as one of the best business hotels in Goa. The amenities it provided were of top class. Yes, this top class thing might sound cheesy, but it is true.

It started with the transfer from the airport. In my own head, I was patting myself on the back for choosing such a nice hotel. Especially when it wasn’t just for me but for my colleagues too. For me, Jasmine hotel is one of the best hotels in Goa. For it did not let me down.

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