Better Vacations: Five Things a Hotel Concierge Can Do For You


“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.” –George Bernard Shaw


More often than not, the hotel’s concierge plays a definitive and pivotal role in ensuring their guest’s optimal comfort during their length of stay.

Unfortunately, most travelers would regard them as little more than experts and stewards to approach for restaurant recommendations and tips for directions. In this regard, travelers are missing out on a lot of potential interesting offers and a myriad of services that would have otherwise been available had they asked. Depending on your hotel concierge’s expertise or competence, they can perform a range of services for you that extend beyond recommending an excellent Japanese restaurant nearby. In fact, they have an impressive set of skills that would help you assist with almost any travel problem you might encounter. With this in mind, you should use your hotel concierge’s influence and powers to your advantage.

Needless to say, your hotel concierge cannot do magic. So, you cannot reasonably expect them to solve all of your travel problems. Similarly, they are not on your every behest and would still have a range of hotel tasks to do each day. Regardless of how great a hotel might be, whether that might be Seda Hotel Nuvali or another hotel of similar parity, hotel concierges would still have their own share of limitations. To be on the safe side, it is best to be aware of what your hotel concierge can instead do for you:


Save you money

You might be skeptical but a concierge can actually give you a list of competitive rates—ranging from the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants to how you can get to places for a cheaper price. Furthermore, they know most of the pubs nearby and are aware of their happy hours. Similarly, they would know where you can avail of free tours and activities. Lastly, they would keep you from getting conned by a taxi driver by telling you the approximate fare it would take from most distances to the hotel.


Get you a ride when none would be available

Getting a ride during rush hours can be pretty frustrating. Waiting for a taxi in the taxi lane could take you hours and even requesting an Uber would be difficult. However, your concierge can ensure you would get a ride within minutes just with a phone call—even if you are not currently staying at the hotel. However, you do need to provide the concierge with a generous tip for their service.


Recommend fitness centers

More often than not, five-star hotels would already come with their own fully-equipped gym but in the event that it lacks the equipment you need or does not have a gym altogether, they can recommend you to a fitness center or an affiliated hotel with complete and better facilities. Alternatively, they might point you to the nearest running trail or furnish you with a list of fitness centers that are nearby that would offer daily or weekly walk-in rates for non-members.


Get tickets for you

If there is a sold-out show or concert you have been waiting to see, there is a likely chance that your hotel concierge can still manage to get you in. Of course, this is always a case-to-case basis but it would not hurt to try your luck with the concierge. More often than not, hotel concierges have already formed friendships and business relationships with brokers or are affiliated with season ticket holders who might not wish to attend the show or use their seats. Sometimes, they might even have tickets themselves in hopes of selling them to guests. However, know that there is a marked increased from its original rate considering that the concierge is already a third-party seller.


Help you celebrate

Sometimes guests would check in to a hotel for a specific occasion or event. They might either be proposing to a partner or celebrating a momentous event. If this is the case, your hotel concierge can help you make the event more special and unique by customizing the look of your room according to the type of celebration you are holding. They can even get you a photographer to document your proposal should you request for it.


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