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The beauty of a vacation is that the apart from the fun and enjoyment a feeling of happiness and positivity lingers on. In today’s world when people are living in concrete jungles going away to a place of natural beauty is good for the entire system. Away from the drudgery of daily life you can disconnect with the outside world and connect with your family and most importantly with your own self. People from different parts of the world come to India for these very reasons and on top of it there is also spirituality and inner peace which has become the mantra for wellness and growth. The ancient city of Puri on the shores of Bay of Bengal in Odisha is just this kind of place where you will be close to nature and the laid back atmosphere of the place will let you feel totally relaxed. Known as Jagannath Dham this city associated with religion and spirituality and you will find people of all religion and faith coming to Puri on a regular basis and especially during the annual Rath Yatra held during the months of June or July. The city is well connected by railways and air and so you can reach here without wasting a lot of time.

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Being both a major tour destination and a pilgrimage tourism is an important sector and in fact the entire economy of the place is mostly dependent on the Jagannath Temple and of course tourism. So to accommodate the thousands of daily visitors there are more than a hundred hotels and resorts but most of them belong to the affordable and standard category which offer basic amenities to the guests. But for the tourists who want luxury, comforts along with world class facilities the choice is limited. But out of all the luxury Hotel in Puri in the city Holiday Resorts is the most popular choice as it offers the holiday package which is definitely the best and at the same time it is easy on the pocket. To make it even better they offer a privilege membership card that lets you avail some excellent discounts. But as the occupancy rate is quite high you can book your rooms online well in advance. You will get the options of standard, deluxe and family rooms or go in for a beach cottage for added privacy. The presidential suites are ideal for honeymoon couples but you can book it just for the view which is absolutely spectacular.

The resort has all kinds of facilities under one roof and in fact you will need to step out only when you go for sightseeing tours. You can hire a taxi at the travel desk or take a tour package to see the world famous sun temple in Konark, Chillika Lake, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, artists’ village in Raghurajpur and the sand art park within the city. The guests have access to two multi cuisine Restaurant in Puri, bar and a bakery shop that take care of all hunger issues and with so much variety and delicious seafood you are sure to have something new every day.  For exercise and relaxation there are swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and a wellness spa where you can opt for a relaxing massage or get a beauty treatment done to look and feel great. The other facilities here include gift shops where you can pick up mementos and souvenirs and don’t forget to check out some exquisite silver filigree jewelleries and decorative pieces which are amazing. For children there is an exclusive play area with all kinds of board and video games along with a karaoke system which are great for the budding singers.

Holiday Resorts is just not a great place to stay during your vacation, you can use it as a venue for different social as well as official functions. People book their Banquet Halls, Conference Room or even the huge garden area for wedding, reception or for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. High level meetings, seminars and workshops can be conducted without any problem and in fact companies ask their employees to bring their families so that there can be a nice balance of work and fun. For any event prior booking is a must and in fact as the hotel has a private beach area you can plan for a romantic wedding near the sea. So this summer make Puri your holiday destination and stay in this fantastic beach resort for a totally hands free experience.

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