Best things to Do in Florida

When visiting Florida-specifically Orlando-there are two absolute must go places Disney World and Universal Studios. Back in May I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Orlando. It was an unforgettable trip that I really enjoyed. Growing up with Disney made the Disney World experience even better. You NEED to stay for at least a week to truly enjoy the experience. I recommend one day for each of the four Disney Parks:

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Animal Kingdom
  3. Epcot
  4. Hollywood Studios

You will also want to spend a day in each of Universal Parks and a whole extra day in Harry Potter Land.

Before the Trip

Before the trip I would strongly suggest you book fast passes. If you decide to stay at the resort you are given three for each park. The best rides have the longest lines and unless you plan to wait in line for an hour and half in the scorching sun, this is a good idea. When my family landed in Orlando we got to our hotel and received, our magic bands. Magic bands are wrist gadgets and were given to those who booked at the Disney resorts and were really helpful. They are your room key, fast passes and credit card during your stay.

I highly recommend booking your stay at The Walt Disney Resort. It’s quite helpful being close to the Parks. If you flew to Florida to having the shuttle made travelling a lot easier. You also will get fast passes, magic bands and beautiful property during your stay. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside.


Port Orleans Riverside, Lobby. Picture by Shayera Dissanayake


Another extremely helpful thing was downloading the Disney app. The Disney app is a map of the parks on your phone that tells you the wait time for rides, can digitally order your food, helps you find places to eat from the most affordable cafes to the expensive luxury restaurants.







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