Best Things To Do During February Month In Goa

If you are looking for an exciting way to start the year, visit Goa during this festive season. Make sure you book in advance as you will find it very difficult to find vacant hotels in Goa near beach at this time. Here are a few activities you can engage in when here:


  • Hangout by the beach: The tiny state of Goa has plenty of stunning beaches for all kinds of crowds. From Baga in the north to Palolem Beach in the south, these beautiful beaches are ideal for sunbathing and relaxing under the sun. You can rent out the tiny shacks by the beach and enjoy the delicious seafood available near the shore.
  • Partying and Clubbing: Goa is known as the party capital of the country and this is the peak party season in the state. Most of the hotels in Goa host their own parties and these are wildly entertaining. The nightlife in Goa is unlike anything you can find elsewhere in the country and is totally worth exploring.
  • Explore Goa’s history and culture: The historical attractions in Goa are often the most underappreciated parts of the state. The Basilica de Bom Jesus Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and should not be missed. There are plenty of historic forts from the colonial era and some other churches worth exploring are Church of St Cajetan, Se Cathedral, and the Immaculate Conception Church.

You can also visit the various lively markets or bazaars around the state if you are here with family and staying at one of the best family hotels in Goa and try to find great deals at the flea markets here.

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