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Puri on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Odisha is one of the most remarkable tourist destinations in the country and every day it welcomes people from all parts of India and many more from abroad. A serene ambiance, beautiful beaches, temples, a sand art park and a busy market area is what you will first see at the outset but the city offers you much more than this. This historical city is famous for the Jagannath Temple which dates back to the 12th century but still generates a lot of interests in the people for its architectural grandeur, history and more than anything it evokes a sense of deep spiritualism in people irrespective of their religion. This is the very reason why more than a million people visit the city during the RathYatra or the Chariot Festival as it happens to be the only time when the deities of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra are brought outside the temple so that everyone can see them and seek their blessings.

Best Rooms with Best Dining and View - Hotel Holiday Resort Puri


When you are planning a trip to Hotel in Puri you should not have a too tight schedule as the city works as a kind of gateway to many wonderful tourist attractions in the nearby areas. As the accommodation options are many most of the tourists prefer staying in the city and then take a cab to visit these places. In your travel itinerary, you can include the world famous Sun Temple in Konark, popularly known as Black Pagoda, Chillika Lake which attracts thousands of migratory birds in the winter months, dolphin sanctuary in Satapada and the Artists’ village in Raghurajpur which is just 12 kilometers away from the city. Here you can see the artists creating magic and learn about the traditional painting known as Pattachitra. These paintings are done on palm leaves, on fabric and on a specially made canvas known as Patta. The best part is you can buy these paintings at a reasonable price and the artists too will get encouraged by your praise and appreciation. In the city, you can walk around or take a rickshaw to roam around and if you enjoy shopping then try those shops near the temple to get some exotic silver filigree jewelry, decorative pieces, hand-woven textiles, brass and copper items and many other things made by the local artisans.


Being a major tourist hub you will find plenty of hotels and resorts in the city but if you are planning to stay at a luxury hotel with all modern amenities then Holiday Resorts can be your number one option. This sea facing resort on the Chakratirtha Road is highly recommended by trip advisor and is one of the most sought-after tourism hotels in the city. The hotel looks really welcoming and just stepping into it will make you feel relaxed and peaceful but the sea will tempt you to check into your room and run down for a swim. To hasten the process you can book your rooms online and get the one that would fit your budget and would be ideal as per your requirement. They have all kinds of rooms that range from standard, to deluxe and there are also a number of family rooms, beach cottages, and two gorgeous presidential suites. This boutique hotel offers you all kinds of facilities that include two multi-cuisine Restaurant in Puri, bakery, bar, gift shops and a travel desk which is quite a convenient place to change or book tickets, rent a cab or book a package tour. There is a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and a wellness spa that offers a variety of massages and beauty treatment. For the young children, there is an exclusive playing area with lots of games, karaoke system and parents can also buy few things from there which will keep the little ones busy in a constructive manner.


Holiday Resorts is a great place to organize events and hold parties. They have a number of Banquet Rooms, a well-equipped Conference room, private beach and a huge garden area which is suitable for weddings and reception. With all possible facilities under one roof, you can have both official and personal parties without any hassle. Prior booking and a detailed discussion with the manager will result in a memorable affair and everything will be as per your budget and requirement. So for your next visit book your rooms in this beautiful beach resort and enjoy your holidays as never before.

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