Benidorm Is Spain’s Not-So-Hidden Resort Hotspot

Benidorm may be a name unfamiliar to most Americans but to Europe, this is resort town has long been a retreat for some of Europe’s wealthiest.

This town on the Spanish Coast of the Mediterranean Sea started seeing a decline in their main industry of fishing in the 1950’s so the town decided to invest in the next best thing: tourism. With tickets being cheap and beaches being plenty, by the 1980’s this town started gaining the interest of several hotels who built resorts. It’s warm climate year round attracts tourists not only from Spain but all across Europe as well. Today, this once sleepy little fishing town in Valencia is a hot spot for young people in July through August and is a popular retirement spot for the English.

Check out the growth in Benidorm from the 1980’s  to 2016. Keep an eye on the coast to see all the hotels that have been built in the past 20 years.

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