In a city filled with iconic resorts, it is hard to pick the very best. There are many contenders but, in the end, the Bellagio still comes out on top. The rooms, which once were the peak of luxury, have been surpassed. The buffet, once the best on the Strip, is now an afterthought. But the Bellagio was never primarily a place to stay or eat or even gamble. It was simply the place to be and the place to see and the place to be seen. The lake, the fountains, the Conservatory, the art gallery, “O,” the shops, the pool. They were all different and special and they still are. For younger visitors, this is their Flamingo or Sands or Caesars or Mirage. It is the place they will always most associate with Las Vegas. And, despite the extraordinary beauty and luxury of the Wynn, this will ultimately be the hotel that defines its creator at the peak of his creative powers. The crowd be a bit snooty but for a few extra dollars, you can join them and feel like you are right at the epicenter of the crazy carnival going on around you.

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