Be Aware Of The Timeless Cuisines Of Madhya Pradesh In India

If you are travelling across Madhya Pradesh, you are bound to offer a different experience to your taste buds with the help of several delicious cuisines. Interestingly many hotels in Indore provide a range of mouth-watering dishes which you should not miss during your stay. Read further to know more details about some of these cuisines.

  • Mahalkhoshal Cuisine: Travelers should not miss enjoying this cuisine while travelling in the eastern side of Narmada valley. It is said to be a blend of various styles of cooking made and influenced by Gujarati and Rajasthani. Any traveller should not miss dishes like Gulab Jamun and the most popular Tikkis.
  • Unique regional cuisines: Dishes such as Murar Ke Kebabs, Kodu Til Ka Baat dominate in Bundelkhand which are influenced by the geographical conditions. More importantly, these delicious add an extra flavour of the famed Bhundeli hospitality. Most of the hotels near Indore bus stand provide these much-influenced cuisines to attract food-loving travellers.
  • Malwa & Nimar cuisines: These delicious cuisines from this wonderful state have many things to offer to the food lovers. Delicious items such as Rass Kheer, Lapsi, Palak Puri and many more can be tried out by any traveller. Meat lovers should not miss eating the Sheek Kebab, Keema Pulav while travelling to Bhopal.

Every cuisine you see in this wonderful state has its own influence by carrying its cultural and historical significance. If you are food-lover, you are sure to enjoy a new experience while travelling in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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