B&B at Northcote

I’m going to write Northcote up in 2 parts, one covering the bed and breakfast and the other dinner, as we have differing views regarding the different elements.

We had wanted to try Northcote for some time but had always been put off by the cost, about £300 for B&B which is just insane, never mind factoring in the cost of dinner, that is one expensive night away!  So when hubby showed me they had a special offer on B&B from £150 a night, I knew I just had to book! A Deluxe room was soon in the bag for Friday night.

We arrived just after 4pm giving us plenty of time to get ready for our 6 for 6.30pm dinner. We were shown to room no 3, which just so happens was the one room I really didn’t want to get! It was large and the bathroom was spacious but it was dark and very very red!

I expressed my disappointment at getting this room, to the lovely lady who had shown us to our room.  She very promptly offered go downstairs to see if there was another room available. We waited in the red room and the phone soon rang.  There was another room, yay!  But it would be a downgrade to a superior, its a brighter room with a terrace, she continued.  Done, we’ll take it!

We went back downstairs and on to room no 10.  This room was so much better, with a cute little terrace, just lovely!  Our milk and welcome pack was soon rescued from room 3 and we settled in.  The bathroom was smaller and there was an adjoining door but just sitting out on the terrace in the lovely sunshine more than made up for that.

This brings me on to my first niggle.  The website claims that the mini bar has “a complimentary range of soft drinks” now I don’t know about you but I don’t class water as a range of soft drinks.  Which meant that we ended up drinking £4 a bottle pop on that lovely terrace.

I’m going to write about dinner in a separate post, so I’m skipping ahead to getting back into the room!

We came back into our room and hubby said did you close the blinds, nope, then we realised that they offered a turn down service!  The blinds had been closed, the cover removed from the bed and the duvet corners turned back, with a little gift left on the pillow.

We had brought our after dinner drinks with us and settled back on to our lovely terrace late into the night, until rain stopped play.

We both slept well and noise was minimal especially as our room had an adjoining door. Freshly showered and relaxed we headed off to breakfast.

Breakfast was a rather stuffy affair and a little disappointing.  There was no atmosphere, no music, just quite snobby people talking loudly!  The starters were lovely, it has to be said.

But the full English was a real disappointment!  I have never had such strange scrambled eggs, not even in America, the white and yolks were barely combined!  The sausage was peppery, the bacon full of grease, and the black pudding couldn’t have been Bury black pudding, which seemed strange to us given the location of Northcote.

We escaped breakfast and had a wander around the gardens, which were fabulous and full of fruit and vegetables, we even saw a non chatty chef harvesting onions for that nights lamb dish.

Before we knew it the early 11am check out time had arrived and we were on our way.

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