Another Ice Cream Run


I started waking up. It must be 3am, right? Wrong. It was 2am and Mark was awake, too. We laid there a bit longer, but eventually Mark was looking at his phone and we got up. My eyes were puffy. Add in the wispy hair from the windows being down (air conditioner still not fixed) and here we go! Lookin’ fabulous!

On the 401, we saw a sign that said, “All lanes blocked at Courtice”. So where do we get off the highway? Luckily, we could get off at that exit and back on at the next exit. We heard on the radio that a tractor trailer was on its side. We also learned to pronounce it like Kurtis…not how we had been saying it. Always learning!

We got breakfast in Port Hope and we were in Trenton just before 7. The shipping guy needed to see Mark’s driver’s license and his work identification. That’s new. After that, he said he would get us when they are ready. So glad we got up at 3 to make our appointment time. Ugh.

Regardless of the welcome we received, the guy who loaded the truck was kind and friendly. I guess I shouldn’t say he loaded us, he brought the skids to the truck and Mark put them in the truck where we thought it would be best for making it easier to unload. It was mostly better organized for us.

We took the small skid and unloaded the boxes on top, so we had 1 empty spot and the pump truck was on the left to make it easier to climb in. I was impressed to see they had both kinds of ice cream bars on a skid with cardboard in between and they were side by side so I could reach both at the same time. The ice cream tubs were not so organized. So, I had to dig down through the caramel to get to the vanilla.

In Franktown, I saw a house with grey siding that almost looked purple and the sign said it is the lilac capital of Ontario.

We had lunch at DQ (7 hours after breakfast) and we sat outside at the picnic table. Ants started to crawl on the bottom of the box of Mark’s meal, so I started singing “The Ants Go Marching”. I was singing it in my head of course. Lol.

I called Ash and she gave me the update on what she was working on for the day. She is keeping much busier this summer. I think it is good for her. She has sanded and painted the desk she got from my parents. It looks fabulous!

We delivered to Kingston and the Ottawa area. I missed our temperature checking friends, but not really. Lol. I understand why they would check temperatures, but….

We would spend the night in Kanata again, but at the hotel farther up the hill because it was cheaper. It was also beautiful and new.

We had showers and cooled off before walking to supper. I didn’t love the idea of putting my workboots back on, but I had to. Last time, we were too tired to walk to a restaurant. I’m thinking it could be our last ice cream trip together this summer, so we needed to get moving.

We walked to the Central Bierhaus which Mark had seen online. It was highly rated. It was supposed to be about a 15 minute walk from the hotel. A walk is good for me, right?

We were seated at a long table, but no one else ever joined our long table. The song playing was, Abba’s Take a Chance on me! Very fitting and a good sign since I love Abba!

The waitress helped me pick a sweeter drink. They had tons of beer and I could have had a cider, but I wanted something different. The cocktails listed were Old Fashioned and Negroni and lots of things that seemed like straight alcohol on the rocks. I ended up with an Elder Collins and it was great!

Mark’s beer was creamy on my first sip. I always think the second sip tastes different. I liked it though and he did as well.

Mark had a sausage dinner and it came with 3 different kinds of mustard. I ordered the chicken schnitzel and it was amazing!

We walked back to the hotel and it took 18 minutes according to my Fit app. Back in the room, I was falling asleep before 9. Not a surprise.


I woke up around 5, but went back to sleep. Breakfast was ok and I took an apple with me in case lunch was really late again.

We stopped for Diesel and we drove past the Whitewater Brewing building. It is really beautiful. As we drove past Driftwood Provincial Park, we couldn’t get any radio stations. I turned it to the next station so it would come in as we kept driving.

We saw the, Fatigue Kills…take a break signs, but where would you really stop in a big truck? The picnic areas say no parking between 9pm and 5am. It seems to be a problem near Port Hope on the 401 as well. We see lots of 18 wheelers parked in a few old ramps because there are not enough rest stops in certain areas.

We stopped at Gibson Lake for a bathroom break. I just couldn’t wait any longer! I took a couple of quick pictures before jumping back into the truck. I knew all day I would keep saying, “Wow, it’s so beautiful!” at every turn in the road. It’s just such beautiful scenery between Kanata and North Bay and Sudbury.

The radio station came in again and I got to hear, “Carry on my wayward son” and “We’re here for a good time. Not a long time.”

As we drove through Mattawa, we recounted our memories of shopping when we were camping at Samuel de Champlain. We got our broom at the Home Hardware and sometime we have to eat at Myrts!

I broke another fingernail. Ugh.

In Sudbury, we saw many items that had been repaired since last time. The glass railing on the East Side Mario’s patio, but not the top of the Rexall sign.

We were behind a Driver’s Ed car and Mark was grumbling, so I said, “Coming soon to a daughter near you!”

It was stormy at home, but sunny and a great temperature on our drive. I was happy to hear it wasn’t much of a storm at home. On Monday, the storm at home had smashed a couple of Irene’s pieces of patio furniture and knocked almost everything over. The hydro was out a couple of hours as well.

We ate lunch at A&W in Val Caron.

The sign said highway 69 is open, but might have heavy smoke. We saw a helicopter with something under it that we were guessing was for fire suppression. We also saw an airplane farther down the road. The construction signs were covered over because the forest fires have stopped most of the projects.

We hoped to get 3 or 4 more deliveries done, but many of the stores close at 7.

A stone from a dump truck towing a construction trailer hit our windshield. Yikes. On Aspdin Road, we saw the Google car and I waved as we met it. We had been near one another day as well, but we can’t exactly remember where.

At one delivery, Mark took in the first load, I picked the 3 pcs for the next store and set them near the back door. Then, I got out and started walking with the last few boxes even though my glasses were fogged up. Mark headed to the truck to put the cart away. A man opened the door to the restaurant for me. I said, I’m actually going to the store a couple doors down. He walked down to the store and opened the door for me. So kind!I thanked him and explained we are trying to hurry to get our last 2 deliveries done. He said, “It’s my pleasure!” The girl told me she wasn’t expecting the ice cream until tomorrow. She thanked us for being early. I told her that I hope we can be early for the next 2 as well.

I called the last store to double check the hours and see if someone might wait for us. She said she would! Awesome! Now, I hoped we wouldn’t be too late.

At the next delivery, the man was surprised we would deliver at that time of day. (6 ish) and I explained we are trying to finish up our last 2 deliveries. (At least he didn’t say, oh f- like I have heard before. Lol!)

The Gps said we would get to the last delivery at 7pm! Yahoo!

I kept thinking, I can’t wait to get out of my socks and work boots! I thought of how much I love wearing my red Mary Janes at my work.

We arrived right at 7pm. The guy said it was perfect timing, but he would have waited for us anyway if we had been late. We thanked him because it means we can get the rest done that much sooner (rather than waiting for their 10am opening time). Yahoo!

As we finished up our day, Mark said we had worked about 12 hours or more, traveled 900 kms, and made 9 deliveries. Sounds pretty productive to me!

At the room, we ordered pizza and garlic bread from the same place as last time. It would take about 45 minutes, so we had snacks and I called Ashleigh and the boys while we waited.


After a wonderful sleep, we got up at 6. I got us coffee and we had leftover pizza for breakfast. Before you know it, it’s time to run out the door! I stopped at the breakfast area for some fresh fruit to go. The grapefruit was delicious! We would be delivering in the Barrie area and other small towns closer to home. I thought we might be done at lunch. Wishful thinking?

At our first delivery, the girl wasn’t there as early as she had hoped. She was friendly and chatty. It’s so nice, but we need to keep moving! :)

We got a compliment at our second stop. What a great way to start the day! Too bad I broke another fingernail. How short do they have to be to not get broken?

All of our deliveries were around 30 boxes, so we were soon able to put everything onto 2 skids and close the cold wall. That’s better! :)

We drove past the Reinhart factory in Stayner where they make my new favourite apple cider!

It rained off and on when we were driving and it was nice and cool! A bee got into the cab and started crawling around and a bug I didn’t recognize was on my leg. I flicked the bug off my leg as a reaction and wondered where it ended up. Hopefully not in my bag.

Eventually, we had to deliver in the rain. Not fun, but I didn’t melt. Mark got backed in very close to the building.

At our last stop, we had exactly the right amount of ice cream left! Yahoo! 370 boxes delivered in 28 stops and it all worked out! It was a great trip and problem free! We grabbed a quick supper from McDonald’s. When we got home, we took the kids and dogs out for ice cream from Erie Drive In in Stratford. Delicious as always! Time to rest up so we can deliver more ice cream tomorrow!

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are mine only and do not represent any companies. I do not mean to offend and my opinions are influenced directly by the amount of sleep I have had. Maybe hormones, too.

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