another Florida hotel bar

bar womanAnother hotel and another hotel bar in Florida.

An older lady, mildly attractive wearing a beige pant suit ordered a beer and burger from the bistro.  Her perfume was too strong.  It reminded me of opening a Cosmopolitan magazine when I was a kid.  The fragrance ads were always out of control, but I kept looking because the models were sexy.

The 20-something girl working the counter politely told her it would be ready soon.  She appeared older than she was; hair somewhat disheveled and wrinkles were already creeping in around the lower part of her eyes.

She did have nice eyes though, they were a soft shade of brown.   The customers were wearing her thin.  She’s probably regretting moving out of her parent’s house too soon and dropping out of college.

“Make sure it’s well done,” was the older lady’s only reply.  No “thank you,” no polite acknowledgement, just a blatant order.  And then she asked for the “house” chardonnay.  Of course she did.  Nothing screams “annoying middle-aged woman at a hotel bar” more than ordering a boring ass glass of cheap wine.

I find that people are extra douchey when staying at hotels.  They feel that the $175 per night entitles them to all the extraordinary perks of high douchery.  They suddenly become the head of the local Cotillion and begin looking for a place to store their croquet mallets.

While sipping on her way too expensive glass of cheap wine, she perused the bar and like me, surely noticed that she was the only woman at the bar.  This is a common hotel bar occurrence; women, by themselves are a bit of a novelty.

Besides me, there were 4 other men at the bar.  Their appearances ranged from mildly athletic to traveling businessman obese.  None were especially good looking, but all looked ready to pounce.

I drank one $5 Budweiser and went back to my room.  I can’t bear to watch the shit show unfold again.

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