An Unforgettable Christmas Experience Awaits For You In Goa

The festive occasion of Christmas is loved and celebrated globally and falling close to the New Year, makes it the perfect time for people to head out for family vacations. Goa is known to celebrate every occasion with great joy and enthusiasm. With a significant history of Christianity and its influence in Goa, the Christmas experience in Goa is quite unique and worth cherishing. Also, you would want to be here for the alluring beaches, New Year parties and wonderful weather around this time. Anyway,  if you are planning to be in Goa around Christmas, here a teaser of amazing experiences that await your arrival.

1. Splendidly decorated churches

decorated churches

Goa has already got a spectacular collection of captivating churches, many of which date back to the Portuguese Era. Though almost all the churches host Christmas celebrations and are decorated, you must visit the popular ones like the Se Cathedral, Church of St. Cajetan and the Bom Jesus Basilica for an unforgettable experience. There is a complete different festive ambience around these places – food stalls, gift shops, carol choirs, etc.

2. Burn the Old Man tradition

Every year around Christmas, a number of bonfires light up the Goan nights. Although the tradition of ‘Burn the Old Man’ has no significance or relation to Christmas, it is an age-old tradition that is practised by the locals with great enthusiasm. People make old man effigies with old clothes, haystack etc. and burn the structure to bid goodbye to the ending year and burning away worries of the past.

3. Scrumptious Christmas treats


Christmas time probably feels like heaven for the foodies. All around Goa, you can find amazing treats and Christmas specials to gorge on. Indulge in an exceptional gastronomical experience while enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner, here in Goa. Also, you would fall in love with the special desserts – chocolates, cakes and more, selling on every corner.

4. Retail therapy at the local markets

Market in goa

Make the most of visit and go shopping at the local markets in Goa. For the tourists who love shopping, the popular markets like the Saturday Night market and Anjuna Flea Market would feel like heaven on Earth. You can find an exciting range of items – clothes, handicraft, souvenirs and accessories at an unbelievable price and choices. The festive season makes these markets more happening with street events and food junctions.

5. New Year Parties and Events

party in goa

All through December, one can witness a large number of events happening around Goa. There are musical fests, cultural celebrations, Christmas events, fireworks and shows and New Year parties. For the adventurous visitors, this is probably the best time to experience the most happening events of Goa.

With too many exciting things happening around Christmas, no doubt December is the peak tourist season for Goa. If you planning for a vacation and staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, Goa, you can engage yourself in some of most sought-after events while enjoying a luxurious stay. So, plan your travel and celebrate Christmas like never before.

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