Amazing Thailand

As we all know Thailand is among the hot travel destinations in the world today especially for those budget conscious and backpackers alike. With it’s very open culture and reachable attribute, it never fails to attract a lot of tourists and travelers as well. And with that being said, I am one of those who hopped in and killed the curiosity in me.

So I packed my things in and found myself in Bangkok. A five day travel full of memories and lessons learned to ponder for long time. Did I say memories? Oh definitely losing my luggage’s key is one of those. Thanks to google for a quick diy hack and supportive friends.

Going back, my Thailand adventure followed a jam packed four-day itinerary. Thanks to the app “Visit a City”. In this app you can quickly make a plan accordingly based on the city you want to visit and even plan the time ahead depending on your schedule. Moreover, there’s this add-on where you can easily access the best and must see places in that area. Definitely a must try for your next trip!

So here’s a recap of my trip with some tips and info. Hope it will help!

Day 1:

The Majestic Grand Palace. Ok I must say this place is really majestic and super grand! And super crowded too. Be cautious of what to wear (no shorts and sleeveless) and prepare to see a lot of people. Entrance is 500 THB and you can pay extra for audio guide too. They are offering tours also which starts at 10am.

Cruise at the Chao Praya River. So here’s the deal you have to pay 180 THB. But in this cruise you can cover a lot of places and have a quick stop and return to your original destination without paying any additional. Yes it’s true’! But in our case since my group is super tired we ended up sleeping inside the boat. Though we were able to see flower market, Wat Arun and of of course the view of the Chao Praya River.

Chatuchak Weekend Market. A must-see and visit. Give your taste buds a treat in street foods and and prepare to walk a lot and ask for discounts for those cheap finds. Must try is the sushi and green mangoes!

Day 2:

Ayutthaya adventure. We booked this group tour from With English-speaking guide and convenient transportation. Very worth it! This tour will cover up the best temples in Ayutthaya which used to be the old capital of Thailand. A visit in the King’s Summer Palace. A sunset boat ride and a lot more! The tour is whole day so make sure to have a lot of energy!

Rot Fai Market (Train Market). Move over Chatuchak because personally I like this better. More food options, more cheap buys. I love the grilled fish cake and assorted fruits with coconut milk and ice here. Oh did I forget takoyaki? A must try!

Day 3:

Hello Kitty Restaurant. It’s always good to be a kid at heart at times. Bingsu with ripe mangoes did not disappoint.

Jim Thompson House. A hidden gem inside the busy Bangkok. A breathe of fresh air from busy city. Tour guide is provided with 150 THB entrance fee.

MBK Center. A must try for shoppers as well. Bargains? No problem MBK has it. Mango sticky rice in the food plaza is so good. Forgot the name of the shop though but a must try.

Day 4:

Yaowarat Road (Chinatown). Endless shopping and a lot of good finds and buys too. Here we got our sweet tamarind and durian chips. They offer generous free taste also so make sure to try!

Madam Tussauds Bangkok. Mingling with wax figures of the famous stars and iconic persons in history, this place is a must visit! Very interactive and fun. 4D cinema is included in the ticket so very worth it.

Siam Paragon. A very high-end mall which houses the most famous brands like Louis Vuitton and so on. Prepare your eyes for this very luxurious mall. A well deserved recognition for being the best mall in Asia.

Asiatique Riverfront. Giant ferris wheel with the city night’s view and night market. Great photo and shopping stop for everyone.

Additional Info:

Make sure to use the BTS to move around easily around Bangkok.

Use Grab instead of taxi for longer journeys.

Tuk-Tuk is a little costly. Thanks to Jim Thompson House which offers free Tuk-Tuk ride to the nearest BTS station.

Milk Tea overload. Definitely a must try along with papaya salad, green mangoes, mango sticky rice Tom Yum Rice and of course Pad Thai.

Pamper yourself with a Royal Thai and Foot Massage. I recommend Dahra Spa the complimentary tea after is really relaxing and good. Feels like a royal princess after.

Beware of taxi scams. Make friends with Google Map and translator. Thais don’t know English well so have long patience.

Wear comfortable clothes. Thailand weather is unpredictable.

Recommended hotel. Travelodge along Sukhumvit area. If you’re in this area moving around Bangkok is easy. Be friends with BTS also and download the offline map.

Exchange money from Super Rich. They offer higher rates.

Indulge in free taste along every market you visit. But make sure to buy at least one from those.

Food stalls inside mall use card and there’s a refund too so very convenient.

There is a tax refund for tourists but make sure to ask and check for information from the shop.

Bangkok is a city full of colors and never sleeps so there’s a lot of happenings anywhere. Walk and get lost. Smile and enjoy the experience!

So that’s my five day adventure in Thailand. Fifth day was my departure so detailed itinerary is for four days only. Enjoy!Amazing Thailand

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