Amazing Location with Premium Facilities at Tansha Residency of Vadodara


With archeological splendors from yesteryears and modern times along with rich cultural history, Vadodara has many attractions for the tourists. This city houses many MNCs and private companies. There is no dearth of temples or ashrams in Vadodara along with the palaces and museums. Hence, Vadodara has become the destination of different tourists, such as business travelers, academic travelers or holidaying individuals, throughout the year.

The Tansha Residency has become a home away from the homes for all tourists coming to Vadodara. The welcoming attitude of hotel personnel and a range of modern facilities have helped this hotel become the best amongst all hotels near Vadodara airport or other locations.

Accessible Location

Tansha Residency is a first-class hotel that belongs to the chain of Mango Hotels. This establishment is located at a walking distance from Vadodara Railway Station that is only 1-km away. The main bus terminal is only 2-km away from Tansha Residency. On the other hand, Vadodara Airport is located at a distance of 7-km from this establishment. With this outstanding location, any tourist may reach this hotel within a few minutes’ time. This feature may seem welcoming to all tourists, as they can rest their tired bodies shortly after reaching the city.

Accommodation & Facilities

Spacious rooms of Tansha Residency have ergonomically designed bed and bedding, chairs and desks. Guests receive high-speed Wi-Fi connection, world-class toiletries, large-screen TV with satellite channels along with a buffet breakfast and a fully equipped gym through a large array of complimentary services. With these exclusivities, Tansha Residency has become the best of the best hotels in Vadodara.

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