All Roads Lead To… Coffee

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Sleep. Need sleep…

My little one-year-olds love Trivago commercials on TV more than anything else that’s on.

For some mysterious reason, the dark-haired woman presenting hotel prices on an iPad against a white background seems to be ever-fascinating. Whatever they are doing, they stop and give her their undivided attention. (Maybe they are already planning a trip?)

So it’s no wonder Trivago popped into my mind. Several people had suggested I spend a night at a hotel to catch up on some sleep. I didn’t take it seriously, but then I just decided to do so. I scrolled through the hotels in my area, found a great deal and booked it. Voilà! Can check that off my list now.

The day arrived and I had a cold. Almost felt like a fever. A headache. I packed warm clothes with me. Finally in my tiny free-upgrade room with a view (if you moved the lamp and curtains and stood awkwardly in the corner), I fell into a restless sleep. It was worth every penny.

When I woke up, I was warmly dressed under two blankets in a room so cold I wouldn’t have been surprised to see frost. Instead, I saw a large ship pass by. The view was still there. As was my headache.

I was happy about the free upgrade, imagining how my original room might’ve been even colder or maybe it would’ve only had one blanket in a smaller bed.

Random unrelated image from Helsinki

Breakfast was a delight, as I deliberately got there before the crowds. Choices abounded. I had to rub my eyes when I saw that they even had yerba mate, reminding me of mornings awoken in Argentina, seemingly such a long time ago.

What a random thing to offer at breakfast this far north. But I have a tendency to enjoy randomness.

We had some nice hotel stays in Argentina. Less fancy than this hotel but with more character, one could argue. This time, though, I was after comfort, not character.

What makes a good hotel stay? I mused to myself, while drinking the tiniest smoothie from a shot glass. A quick checklist started to form:

-Comfy bed – check

-Not too noisy – check

-Nice view – check

-Cleanliness – check

-Location – check

-Description matched reality – check

This hotel scores well.

What spoils it?

-Too cold in the room and you can’t control the temperature

In an arctic area in the winter, there certainly is no need for air-conditioning.

-No caffe latte for breakfast

Instead of the brewed coffee with cold milk they had on offer, I wanted a hot latte to really warm me up after that cold hotel room. My headache seconded the demand impatiently.

Such a simple wish… and what I got was a small cup of something that didn’t taste good. And it cost 5,50 euros. Not included in breakfast.

As a customer, I feel it’s always the last thing you experience that tints your overall experience the most. Sad to leave the hotel with such a bad taste in my mouth, I tried to remind myself it was just a cup of coffee.

Sure, it was probably the most expensive cup of coffee on the planet, raising expectations to it-must-taste-amazing, but still… it was just coffee. Get over it. Move on. I came there to sleep, not have coffee.

I guess this is why I call myself a coffee addict. I just need a cup of coffee to start the morning right. It’s my good mood fuel. It’s… ah, never mind.

A few years ago, I saw a job ad for a professional sleeper. Someone who tests hotels and reports. The primary task being to sleep in the bed and experience it from the customer’s point of view. Like a mystery shopper – a mystery sleeper!

Next time I see an ad like that, I’m going to apply!

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