Airbnbs We Love In Spring’s Hottest Travel Destinations

There are a lot of reasons to love travel — from the high-minded desire to explore new cultures to the hedonistic joy that comes with sleeping in a stylish room in a new city. Whichever of these two itches you’re keen to scratch, the face of travel has been forever changed by the advent of platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. These sites allow people to curate an adventure that isn’t completely tied to the traditional tourism industry. The unique properties featured can have you living like a local without sacrificing comfort or amenities. Plus they tend to be more affordable, freeing up your travel budget for spending on more experiential pursuits.

With spring break approaching, Airbnb researched destinations with a sizable increase in bookings and determined some of the trendiest cities to visit in March and April. Using their picks as a jumping off point, we winnowed our own list of ten incredible cities to visit and picked our favorite Airbnb option in each. From the sun-soaked beaches of Mexico to the bustling metropolises of Germany, we have options that will have you cashing in your frequent flier miles (or scoping cheap flights) to book a trip.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is far more than an airport hub, it’s a picturesque locale known for its brightly hued colonial buildings and cobblestone paths. In fact, Airbnb notes an increase in bookings of 392% from last year. Visitors really should make the hour drive to El Yunque Rainforest, where they can explore waterfalls and lush jungles. And a trip wouldn’t be complete without relaxing beachside. The Isla Verde Beach is right in front of the El San Juan Hotel for people whose priority is easy access. Better yet, take a drive 15 minutes to Piñones, Loiza and walk along the beach until you hit Vacía Talega, a fairly private beach frequented by locals. Be sure to try some mofongo while you’re there. This dish of mashed fried plantains, fried pork skin, and a ton of garlic is often served with a protein, like ribs, and it’s pure Puerto Rico.

The Airbnb we’ve selected is one of our faves. First of all, this treehouse with a floating deck is a few steps from the beach, meaning you can maximize your ocean time. Second, it’s a genuinely cute little studio filled with eclectic vintage pieces and contemporary art, as well as a collection of ceramics from the owner’s travels. It has personality. It also has a shower on the deck, so you can enjoy getting clean outside but trust the frosted plexiglass doors to preserve your modesty. There’s a communal garden shared with the guests in other rentals, so be ready to make international travel friends. Or you can hang in the hammock and seating area on your deck and chill solo.

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