A Visit To Canopy | Columbus Short North

Canopy by Hilton | Columbus Short North

Listen. This is kind of a shameful admission, but I’m a massive Canopy hotel geek, and honestly, I think I may always will be.

Being a part of the pre-opening team for the Canopy | Ithaca Downtown has been a defining moment of my own life. At the time, we were the ninth in the world to open, and at this moment, there are thirteen running properties worldwide.

Canopy’s philosophy is a simple, but impactful one: Local Experiences. Placed in walkable neighborhoods, with unique local cultures, Canopy by Hilton does a phenomenal {I say with some bias, admittedly} job incorporating the best of what these cities have to offer in their decor, their knowledgeable Enthusiasts, and – of course – the food and drink offered in their in house restaurants. PLUS – Canopy is dog-friendly in the best of ways, including amenities for your pup, and their very own welcome gift at check in. I love Canopy.

I never imaged I’d see another Canopy. There being so few, and the infrequency of my serious travel, I figured I’d watch them grow on social media and #shrug that’s fine. Luckily, adventure called! Aaron works remotely, his company headquarters is in Columbus and we were both invited to his holiday party. While in town, I HAD to visit another Canopy and so stopped into Columbus Short North on our first night in Ohio.

Exposed brick wall with the words Central Market srapy painted at the top, colorful spray paint drips below.

I might have been a little excited, walk in immediately identify myself as a fellow Enthusiast and am welcomed. I’m blown away by the space! It’s late, and quiet in this slow season, but I meet a couple of Enthusiasts and talk about the differences in our properties for a few minutes before checking out the rest of their restaurant, Central Market House, Canopy Central and the Retreat Room.

Aaron and I were told we absolutely had to check out their rooftop bar {an in house restaurant AND a rooftop bar?! WHAT!!!!!}, and so we did! But not before stopping by the moss wall!

Yes. Moss. Wall. Even Aaron was awestruck.

An elevator outside of the building takes you from the first floor directly to the twelfth, it’s public accessible space, so keycards aren’t obligatory, though still ensuring guest safety.

We head up to Goodale Station and are greeted with huge smiles, and this deceptive fire that I totally loved the look of.


We’re directed to the bar where we speak to an Enthusiast who gives us their recommendations, which we take – though I can’t remember what they were for the life of me.

They were delicious handcrafted cocktails, served by sincerely Friendly Enthusiasts, and I was geeked out.

After our drink each, Aaron and I found dinner closer to the hotel block that was organized by his company {I’d suggested he stay at that hotel, and I book a room at the Canopy, but surprisingly, that was a no go}. The next night was company things night, but we ended up having a few hours to kill before we headed back home to New York and went right back to the Canopy!

Mostly for better pictures, but also to eat!

We stopped by the moss wall again.

Lunch at Central Market House was fantastic!

Aaron and I sat around in Canopy Central enjoying the coffee I am still thinking about, and working on a few things before getting to the airport. I bought a Canopy keychain, which I intend to decorate like their Central Market House art, but right now it just looks like I have two identical Canopy bike keychains, which is just TOO MUCH NERD.

These two quick, unanticipated visits to Canopy | Columbus Short North, are what finally inspired the direction for Heart of House. I quickly went from possible Guest to teammate, there was no change in their sincere kindness, but I know from experience that not having to translate secret Canopy language was a gift. And that made me realize there is so little that connects hospitality professionals beyond these infrequent experiences, I want this podcast, and blog space to become that. A place we can feel heard, seen, and understood by one another.

Canopy continues to be my favorite source of insight.

Gross. :P

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