A Temporary and Cost-Effective Home Sweet Home

Plas_Curig_lounge As we talked about in the last post how expensive plane tickets can be and the tips and tricks to saving on them! Now, we’re going to talk about another lasting cost that can actually help make or break your traveling experience: housing.

I’ve come up with a few housing options that are completely budget friendly for us college Wanderers when traveling! Hotels can cost hundreds of dollars for just a couple days depending on where you decide to stay.

After conducting some research, I found a website called Home Stay.  This site connects people with families who open their households for people to stay in during their travels. They have options specifically for college students as well. There are over 160 countries offered and even more rooms to choose from, which is pretty insane. If this sounds skeptical, I don’t really blame you. Fortunately, this website knows safety and trust is a factor, so they included a tab for users.

Something sort of similar I found was Couch Surfing.  Now, I know, I know. Couch surfing is usually used as a negative term for people just crashing at friends’ houses without getting actual places. In this case, people are at least willingly opening their places for people. And….it’s free. When I read this on travel blogs, I felt an alarm go off inside my head. Staying with people you don’t know, especially free and abroad, seems like a completely horrible and unsafe idea. I myself was a bit skeptical, although I’ve read reviews on people who have had good experiences. They have couch surfing events where you can meet people in person before using their accommodation. I’ve also heard not so good things about this website as well, and some people even claim it’s a scam with many fake hosts who aren’t even interested in accommodating their homes. (SiteJabber) It’s really hard to say with these kinds of websites, and the newest post on this site was in September. I’m very curious to know if any of you have used this method with a good experience. Personally, I wouldn’t allow this to be your first choice when traveling abroad and needing somewhere to stay, but if you want to check it out yourself, I’ve seen this site everywhere. Just take caution and use it as a last resort.

Now, I’ve heard really, really great things about hostels. They’ve much cheaper than hotels, and a really, really great option for traveling college students! One of my close friends stayed in one during her trip to Busan, and while I haven’t personally stayed in one myself, they seem like one of the best ways to go for when you’re traveling! This website was pretty amazing, allowing you to adjust your price range per day for as low as twenty dollars. A very similar site I found was, of course you may have guessed it, airbnb. People usually get t he idea airbnb’s have the owners within them, but there’s also a way to rent a temporary, personal hotel for a couple days for as low as 35 dollars. The reviews are everywhere, and I’ve personally known a lot of people who’ve taken the airbnb route.

To conclude, there are ways to save money on accommodations when travelling abroad! It’s just all about knowing where to look. Something I’m very interested in, is what you Wanderers use when you travel abroad. Have you used nay of these options or do you stick to regular hotels? I’m extremely curious to know your methods, and if you don’t have any experience, let’s talk about what you’re thinking of using! Until then, I hope you find that temporary home sweet home that your wallets will love. Travel on, Wanderers! :)

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