A Stroll Through The French Quarter

Do any of you guys have a  bucket list of hotels? I do.

It has always been a goal dream of mine to stay at the three resorts on the monorail loop; the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, and the Contemporary.

I think that the Grand Floridian is gorgeous in all of it’s elegance and splendor and definitely seems like the most luxurious choice.

The Polynesian always felt like the most relaxing with it’s South Pacific, beachy, Hawaiian vibes.

But, for me it has always been about the Contemporary.

It’s hard to put into words exactly what it is that draws me to the Contemporary. But, I think that it could be the memories that I have from being there as a child.

I remember riding in the front of the monorail (sorry, this is no longer allowed) with my younger brothers, pretending that I was the one driving the monorail and thinking how cool it was that the monorail drove right through the center of the hotel.

I remember playing in the arcade with my cousins Shannon, Nicole and Vanessa.

I remember celebrating birthdays at Chef Mickey’s.


But, as much as I love the Contemporary and as much as I want to stay on the monorail loop, I really really want to stay at the Port Orleans- French Quarter.

I have always wanted to visit New Orleans, and while I still hope to make it there someday, I think that the Port Orleans in Disney World may be as close as I get.

I love the tree and lamp-post lined streets and the colorful buildings. This property is full of little hideaway corners and courtyards, so many nooks and cranny’s to explore. . This property always reminds me of both versions of the Haunted Mansion; the brick posts and iron wrought fences remind me of the grandeur and charm of the Florida version while the balconies and architecture remind me of the beauty of the California version of the attraction.

This property has such intricate detail and is just full of color. I love it’s juxtaposition of detail yet simplicity.

While I have obviously not yet stayedon property I have heard from many others that this resort tends to be much quieter, relaxed and slow paced then others and I love the idea of being in such a serene setting in the middle of a busy, crowded theme park.


Have you stayed at the Port Orleans: French Quarter? What did you like or dislike about it?


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