A Small Hotel and a new Friend in Santorini

In Santorini we stayed at a small inexpensive and very nice guest house, the Anthelea Santorini Hotel in the traditional village of Pyrgos just below the Castle. It’s a simple tradition all-white Cyclades boutique hotel. Super-clean and elegant in its simplicity.  It was a great choice.


A short moto-ride away from Thira and the Ferry Port, Pyrgos is a relaxing respite from the mass-tourism stress of Thira and Oia. It is a perfect location for easy moto or car travel to all parts of the island… the beaches and volcanic coves as well as the stunning vistas and expensive boutiques of Thira and Oia. 

The Anthelea Hotel provided good comfort at a small fraction of the cost of staying elsewhere. Pyrgos is a beautiful traditional hill town with excellent cafes and local restaurants. Manola, our host, was very kind and friendly. He took real interest in our journey and offered us gracious support and true friendship. As we left this morning, he helped us pack up our moto and gave us his best wishes. He then handed me this very sweet Owl.. a reminder to stay humble and wise in our journey.




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