A New Year at Snowland

If you have been keeping up with me and the Whimsical Hippie Wanderlust blog you know how much I love Great Wolf Lodge. It is a great family friendly place and they take great care in making sure your stay at the resort is perfect for you and meets all your needs.

This New Year’s the girls and I headed up to Williamsburg to celebrate. Because of our coming trip to Charlotte, NC my trip funds were low so staying at the Lodge was out of the question. I got a room in the city that had an indoor pool and hot tub for the night and in the morning we went out to the Lodge to kick off the year.

Each season Great Wolf Lodge has a different theme and this Winter it was Snowland!

GWL2 snowland tree

As you walk into the grand lobby you are greeted by a magnificent Christmas tree adorned in blue and white  decorations. In the background the Clock Tower show is all decked out with snow and presents and all the show characters have on their warm Winter garb.

GWL1 snowland title

The area that was decorated as a haunted house during Howl-o-scream is now a gingerbread house covered in candy. Inside is a long table and decor fit for the North Pole and you can have your very own meal in Santa in there!


Because we didn’t stay at the Lodge we did not have access to the indoor water park but we still had our MagiQuest wand so we picked up where we left off in October on our Pixie adventure and saved the pixies from being poisoned! We earned our Enchant Rune and also our Dazzle Rune. I think I lost about 3 pounds going up and down those stairs looking for the things we needed for our adventure. And it was hot!


Even though we didn’t stay at the lodge we still had lots of fun! It’s true that you can spend hours and hours in there with your kids and have fun. Don’t forget they have an arcade, bowling alley and games you can play without actually staying at the lodge. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing check out Scoops Spa. It is the perfect way to unwind while the kids run around the lodge letting off some steam!

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