A Meaningful Relationship

After a few years of “hit and run” casino play, it all can start to feel a little empty. Sure, you know all the clever tricks to winding up with a “free” bed for a few nights, but you end up disappointing the hotel and burning a lot of bridges along the way. And, eventually, you run out of these casino “one night stands” and just wish you could return to a familiar place again and again, a place where you feel comfortable and enjoy playing, even when your luck isn’t so good. That’s when you know you’ve grown up a bit and that it is time to settle down and find the place that is the best fit for you and the way you like to play. As beautiful as it is, the Wynn isn’t for everyone. Some of us are more like Planet Hollywood or Flamingo people and that’s okay too. Ideally you can find a place that is nice enough for you and will reward you at your normal level of gambling. But even if you aren’t always getting a comp room, maybe a fancier place is where you want to be. That’s a choice you have to make and it is still a whole lot better paying a couple of hundred dollars for a room than losing thousands of dollars trying to get one comped. Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our week on comps with some good casinos for low and medium rollers. See you then!

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